James Taylor

My love for James Taylor came in my early teens while at a sleep away camp called Frost Valley. I got homesick every year but overall I loved camp. I had great experiences and met friends I wish I was still in touch with today. It was at camp that I learned to ride a bike and tried vegetarianism for the first time. Good times I tell you!

But I digress, every year at the end of each session we'd have bonfires, sing songs and swear we'd never forget each other. We'd sing "Fire and Rain" and "You've got a friend". Every time I hear those songs to this day it brings me back to a time where I had no worries or responsibilities.

I put my daughters to sleep to instrumental music every night. The CD's range from No Doubt, U2, Bob Marley and Madonna. But my personal favorite is the James Taylor CD my parents gave them one year for Christmas. I always smile as I leave the room and I hear the melody to the lyrics "Shower the people you love with love, Show them the way that you feel, Things are gonna be just fine". What better way to fall asleep?

Here's my personal favorite from Mr Taylor

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  1. Oh I didnt think I knew this song but I do and I loooove it! he has an distinctive voice and I love the lyrics of this song, thanks for sharing xx