is loving Drake

I swear I love every song of his in addition to every song he's featured in
( which equals 75% of what's on radio).

I'm watching "Drake - Live from Radio City Music Hall" as I write this.......

PS - He's not to hard on the eyes either - just saying


how cute are these?

How cute are these wooden bumble bee and lady bug souvenirs
my mom brought my girls from Slovenia?

They are so lucky to have such a great grandma...


3 days and counting...

Three separate days I've tried to get pictures of my girls for our Xmas cards.

Day 1 - Get girls dressed to find out all 3 camera batteries are dead
Day 2 - Got girls dressed - went to local reservation for some candid outdoor photos - took close to 100 shot - nothing remotely usable
Day 3 - We'll just call it the Santa disaster - enough said?

Should I try again tomorrow or just go to The Picture People? I'm always happy with their photos but hate being limited to their cards. I was hoping to design my own this year using cards from Minted or Tiny Prints as I mentioned here.

Here's a few card choices from The Picture People:

What do you think?


has $5 for you...

I've been pretty obsessed with Groupon lately. They send you daily promotional deals at savings of up to 80% off. The offers are specific to the area where you live, it gives you a chance to try some independent restaurants or retailers as well as to get major discounts at national chain stores.

Here's an example, today's deal for my area (Northern New Jersey) is:
$6 for $12 admission to Montclair Art Museum plus 10% one item in the gift shop

I've participated in a few good ones such as $20 for $40 worth of food at Gencarelli's Cucina (best food I've had in a while), $25 for $50 store credit at American Apparel and $20 for $40 worth of store credit at The Body Shop. I've also kicked myself for missing a few good ones, discounted keratin treatment anyone...?!?

Give it a try, Sign up for free today and Groupon is offering $5 Groupon bucks after your first purchase with this link:



won a contest!

I haven't posted on in a while, just a bit short on time between all the holidays and my 2 year old's upcoming birthday. I was so happy when I finally did check in this weekend and found a comment from Melisa of The Lil Bee, whose super sweet posts I read daily. I still mourn the closing of her Feather Report (genius idea). She was emailing me to let me know that I won her most recent giveaway. I almost never even enter contests it just goes to show, "You gotta be in it to win it!". My prize is letterpress stationary from Richie Designs, check out her etsy shop. I'm partial to this design:

Have you won anything lately?


got and gave!

Today I shopped the Give and Get sale at GAP (and Old Navy and Banana Republic - but I digress). I always try to participate in these sales, it's a win win situation 30% off and a donation to charity. Count me in!

I'm especially happy with these new exercise pants I bought, gFlex.

$34.65 after the discount and a great fit, I predict I'll be wearing these alot...


has been obsessively "redecorating"

When I say redecorating, I mean re purposing items I already own to other rooms of my house.

Today, 3 of the 4 floors were involved. I switched up entire room color schemes, I rearranged plants, pillows and paintings. I am even honestly thinking about turning my old duvet cover into curtains for the playroom/office. Does that sound crazy?

I also ordered these FLOR Fedora tiles in Oatmeal from CB2 for the living room.

From the CB2 website:
"Our fave carpet squares go menswear in the soft, heathered felt of a haberdasher's hat. Kudos to Fedora's 80% post-consumer fibers and great price, making the green life accessible to all. Arrange to your liking; rinse off spills in sink.

I'm telling you, I'm on a mission.


is starting to think about christmas cards

I haven't had too much luck with my cards the past few years. The one year I designed my own from Shutterfly arrived incredibly blurry. After that I would just choose one of the limited choices from The Picture People as they rushed us in and out due to the holiday frenzy.

This year I'm determined to get it right. I'm going to try and stage a little photo shoot for the girls, which is no easy feat - getting a picture where they are both recognizable hasn't been my strong suit (yet...). After getting said photo, I'll choose one of the beautiful cards on either Minted or Tiny Prints, check out some of my faves below.

Wish us luck!


found the cutest backpack

I haven't worn one in years but I really really want this one from Serena and Lily. I've been trying hard to rationalize this purchase. Hmmm - gym bag, diaper bag, laundry bag.......


got gifted!

I'm loving this online magazine geared towards my favorite time of year......

How gorgeous is the gift wrap on the cover?


went to the Great Jack-O-Lantern Blaze!

It was about an hour each way which feels like eternity with two babies in the backseat but it was worth it.......4000 Jack-O-Lanterns!!!


christmas wish list addition

Every Christmas I like to get 1 pair of good quality winter boots. In the past I've got Uggs and the Hunter Original Wellies.

This year I'm debating between these :

or these:

Two completely different looks, one is frivolous and fun while the other is a tried and true classic.

Hmmm, which way to go? Thoughts?


did some damage at Target!

One of my favorite places to shop. Even more now that they have fresh produce and groceries in a couple nearby locations. Seriously, I'm all about killing two birds with one stone. The only downside of shopping in those types of huge mass-retailers is the second you are driving out of the parking lot you remember that you forgot to buy the item that was the reason you went there (today it was AAA batteries).

While there I saw the cutest birthday party set, The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

I'm already knee deep in planning Olivia's Strawberry Shortcake Pool Party for December but I was tempted to buy it to save for Sophia's birthday in July. I think it would make the cutest picnic party......


tried Keratin

I'm still jonesing to try out a professional keratin treatment but am nervous to shell out $300 for a temporary fix that will last only three months. Truthfully speaking for me to spend that much it would have to be guaranteed that my bad jersey mall rat hair would become become "air dry-able"....

In the meantime, I'm going to try out some OTC (haha) keratin products. First up is Vitaderm Keratin Hair Moisturizer, I have it on as we speak. It's from a Brazilian beauty brand that's been around since 1984.

Fingers crossed, it'll combat this frizz........


caught the tail end of one of her all time favorite movies

Have you seen The Goonies? Seriously, it's a classic...


would love to have dinner here

Original title: Today Hilary would love to have dinner here instead of scarfing down her kids leftovers (TMI?)

I'm putting this Brooklyn Asian/BBQ fusion spot on my list for future date nights Looks like exactly what I need....


starts her Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa:
I've been a good girl this year.....


figured out her personal design aesthetic...

While having a friend and her munchkins over today for a play date the talk turned to fashion as we both have both have similar backgrounds in that industry. We compared our wish lists for both children's and women's clothes and accessories. I wasn't familiar with many of her brands as most of them were a bit obscure or new to me. Finally, later into the conversation she said "so you like American sportswear?" and so it dawned on me, "why yes! yes I do!"

Haha! Is this breaking news?!?l A light bulb went off and I had an A-HA moment, my design aesthetic is mostly American designers and American "inspired" style, such as:


Tory Burch

Kate Spade


J Crew

It's easy to know what you like but sometimes hard to define it....


Ultrasound/Urban Outfitters

Today, I left my youngest daughter, Sophia (14 months) at home with my mother in law while I went to the Radiologist. I took my oldest daughter Olivia (2 1/2 years old) for an ultrasound of the kidneys and bladder. It was a totally non-invasive procedure and just a precaution since she had a UTI a few weeks ago. She was in great spirits the whole time and thought the machine tickled her while taking a photo of her belly.

After we left the appointment enjoyed some mommy and me time. We went to Starbucks and Urban Outfitters (a store I used to love stopping into in NYC but our local one in the neighboring town is so stroller-unfriendly I never bother). I love revisiting an old love and seeing that they are doing well for themselves. Is it weird to take shopping this seriously?

I saw a few great pieces in Urban that I definitely want to come find during the post holiday clearance when prices will be substantially lower. However, I did pick up a few little do-dads from the $2.99 (!) clearance table but my favorite buy was this open cardigan, $19.99 and I'll wear it all winter I can already tell. I'm starting to stock up on this style of cardigan. I love the drapey, comfy yet polished vibe they give an outfit.

What are your current go-to pieces?