saw a funny movie

My netflix list is so out of control, sometimes movies show up in my mailbox that I've never even heard of and I certainly don't remember ever adding to the list.

Case in point - this hilarious satire on the decline of human intelligence. I thought it was hysterical. Hubby, not as much....

Have you seen this?


met Pirates B00ty

I serendipitously met a fellow blog today. I happened upon Emily from Pirates B00ty in a cute boutique she works in while visiting a close friend. It took us a while to recognize each other but then the blog talk began........Check out her blog and etsy shop for adorable vintage clothes and housewares.


Croc planters?!?

Welcome Wednesdays

I saw this in the April issue of Real Simple and it's been in the back (very back) of my mind to do. Well summer's almost over but I would still love to get around to doing this. I think it would look so cute outside, in my laundry room or even in my girls bedrooms

What do you think? Have I crossed the line into Tackyville?


Olivia - 2 years 8 months

Shirt - Gymboree
Skirt - The Children's Place
Shoes - Old Navy
Photo taken at The Children's Zoo in The Bronx Zoo, NY


wants a new FEED bag

I received this FEED 100 bag as a birthday present a few years ago and am still gaga over it.
It is so convenient to bring shopping, starting out as a little pouch
that you can unzip it into a full bag.

I think this one available at Lord & Taylor is perfect for fall.
I love an item that supports a humanitarian cause
but is also just plain stylish at the same time.


wishes she was at the Surf Lodge again!

A few weeks ago hubby and I spent a long weekend at The Surf Lodge in Montauk, NY.
We had a gorgeous room, gorgeous view and gorgeous time.

Have you gone anywhere this summer?


Sophia - 13 months old

Loving summertime!

Bathing suit and sandals - Baby Gap
Photo taken at this sprinkler park in Lyndhurst, NJ


is feeling craftilicious!

Lately, I've been in the mood to do some serious crafting. My interests have ranged from scrap booking (done it before) to tie-dying (done it unsuccessfully before) to bow-making.

I went to Michael's last week and bought the Bowdabra with the intention to make hair bows for my 2 girls and also to decorate xmas gifts (told you I think about xmas year round). I didn't find the machine helpful or easy to use at all but I'm going to give it another chance and buy the optional hair bow addition and really keep practicing. My downfall is that I give up to easy.....

Do you craft?


See Why Levi's® Curve ID Works

Don't they just seems like a great idea, jeans specifically designed for your curves. Jeans gaping at the waist is a huge problem for me so if these solve that, I'll buy one in every wash.

See Why Levi's® Curve ID Works

According to the above video, I'd be a Bold Curve. Which fit are you?


went to Space Farm Zoo

Today I took my girls to Space Farm Zoo in Sussex, NJ with a close girlfriend of mine. It was about an hour ride to get there through rural NJ and the whole way I was fantasizing about owning a country weekend home.

The Zoo was a quirky mix of wild and farm animals that you could feed animal crackers and what appeared to be corn nuts. They had a great variety of animals for a family run zoo including lions,tigers and bears (oh my! - sorry couldn't resist). But also, kangaroos, ostriches and your usual goats, cows and chickens. We had a great day and I plan to visit annually to see how the place holds up..

Olivia by the stuffed body of Goliath (Largest Bear in the World to date)
Outfit - Crazy 8
Shoes - Baby Gap

Sophia enjoying her ride
Outfit - Gymboree
Stroller - Phil and Ted's

Yours truly next to an impressive taxidermy display
Shirt - Juicy Couture
Shorts - American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes - Anthropologie

What are you up to these last days of summer?


Two's day: Lust worthy catalogs

I haven't gone completely green yet, I still love receiving catalogs in the mail. I don't actually order from too many of them but it's relaxing to me to browse through them to get ideas and inspiration.

Two that really stand out to me are:

Chasing Fireflies - I like everything at this children's boutique site but the costumes are particularly creative

Blissliving Home - there shower curtains in particular are beautiful

What catalogs make you happy when they arrive in the mail?


wishes it were Saturday!

My husband and I are starting bi-weekly date nights now that Sophia is 1 and sleeping through the night. Saturday was our first night back on the scene and boy did we live it up! The babysitters face when we burst back in the door laughing was priceless.....

We went to a co-worker 30th birthday bash at the 3Forty Grill in Hoboken. The view of NYC was sick, the music was great and the drinks were flowing. I had the 3Forty Tini (skyy raspberry vodka, malibu rum, triple sec, watermelon pucker, banana liqueur, pineapple puree and a pineapple slice

What I wore:
Top - Express (thrifted)
Skirt - Aerie
Shoes - Icora
Earrings - Swarwoski

This is one of my first outfit posts.
What do you think? How did I do?


and my Stila obsession

One of my favorite makeup brands is having a weekend clearance sale. Check out Stila's warehouse sale here. The gift sets are great values, I may stock up on a few to give as Christmas gifts. (Yes, I'm that girl who Christmas shops all year...)


watched Jersey Shore!

Between our two girls and the small amount of free time Hubby and I have together at night, TiVo and Netflix are godsends. They allow us to be flexible with our time watching our various shows on our own schedule that's convenient to the inordinate amount of laundry our household produces and his Call of Duty addiction (that's a video game for all of you wives that are lucky enough not to be affected).

But, one show we never miss is Jersey Shore. It's a little sad that I didn't say the Presidential State of the Union address. But trust me when I tell you this is so much more entertaining. It's a blinged out, gelled up train wreck and this season is even better (or is that worse?) than the last one.

Tonight's highlights included Angelina (who comes off so unlikeable) having a meltdown and the never ending soap opera of Ronnie and Sammi and I just discovered Jersey Shore Dailies were you can see scenes that were edited of the original episodes, just in case the hour wasn't enough.....

Do you watch?


needs a new rug!

Welcome Wednesdays

Ok Ok Ok, I want a new rug for our living room, it's a bit bland ever since we took the old rug out and bought the cream leather sofas seen here in this post. I had decided to let it be for the summer and see how I felt without a rug since my husband is partial to bare hardwood floors. But I'm still feeling rug.........

A new to me blog I love, High-Heeled Foot in the Door couldn't have made my decision any easier. Gorgeous Missoni-ish stripes for $119. Done and done!


Two's Day: Body Lotions

I'm currently rotating 2 body lotions, one with SPF that I use in the morning on exposed skin and one super moisturizing one for at night immediately after shower on damp skin.

This has a very creamy texture and leaves a white residue if not fully rubbed in. However, for a lotion with SPF at an inexpensive price point it's been working really well for me this summer. or I buy it at CVS, I really love CVS for deals on cosmetics and toiletries. I often combine coupons and extra bucks and wind up with completely free items.

Again this is great because it really works and you can buy it anywhere. There is also a deep moisture version but I don't care for the scent of that one. The ultra moisture scent is very clean and fresh, like soap almost.

And of course there will always will be a place in my heart for the pricey Kiehl's Creme de Corps.

What are your faves?


is still loving Jazz

The Essie nail polish that is....Although I dig the musical kind too sometimes.

I choose this color for my most recent mani/pedi after seeing it featured in the J Crew stores. I figured I'd give it a whirl even though it's pretty different from my usual sheer neutral pale pink shades. I like it a lot and would definitely choose it again. It's not as "greige" as so many of the colors the magazines are raving about. It's described as a neutral creamy beige taupe. I'm sold, this color looks great with a tan and will probably look equally good in the fall when the weather drops.

What do you think? Would you wear Jazz?

PS - Don't stare at my feet too long. I just did and realized how odd feet really look.
(But hey, that was my best shot at 11 at night with bad living room light taken on a tortured iPhone.)


had no luck online shopping

This is a first for me. I have at least 10 gift cards burning a hole in my wallet from some of my favorite stores but couldn't find a thing to put in my virtual shopping bag. We're talking Forever 21, Bloomingdale's, CB2.......I must be losing my touch.

SBut seriously, living on the east coast I guess I subconsciously can't justify buying more summer stuff when I know we have about 6 weeks at most left of this beautiful hot weather and am not feeling "fallish" yet.

I put this gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff purse in my shopping basket over at Piperlime just to feel better. I may revisit this one mid August, it seems so versatile and I love the chrome hardware.

I've never had a python print bag. What do you think, would it work for daily use?

I've been all over the place (figuratively speaking) this summer but am happy to be back to blogging.