watched Jersey Shore!

Between our two girls and the small amount of free time Hubby and I have together at night, TiVo and Netflix are godsends. They allow us to be flexible with our time watching our various shows on our own schedule that's convenient to the inordinate amount of laundry our household produces and his Call of Duty addiction (that's a video game for all of you wives that are lucky enough not to be affected).

But, one show we never miss is Jersey Shore. It's a little sad that I didn't say the Presidential State of the Union address. But trust me when I tell you this is so much more entertaining. It's a blinged out, gelled up train wreck and this season is even better (or is that worse?) than the last one.

Tonight's highlights included Angelina (who comes off so unlikeable) having a meltdown and the never ending soap opera of Ronnie and Sammi and I just discovered Jersey Shore Dailies were you can see scenes that were edited of the original episodes, just in case the hour wasn't enough.....

Do you watch?

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