loves lobster!

My hubby made a delicious lobster bake.
He kind of made it up as he went but it was sooooo good!

Find a similar recipe here


got on the Warby Parker bandwagon!

I bought Warby Parker eyeglasses this week. I have tremendously horrible eyesight but I swear by contacts. I got bad headaches if I don't wear sunglasses and prescription sunglasses just sounds like too much work. So, I'll stick with my formula of contacts by day and eyeglasses at night in bed to read.

Warby Parker is genius, simply pick out 5 pairs from the website to try on. They send them to you and you send them back when done, all with free shipping. If you decide to order it's as easy, scan your prescription, pay $95 for any frame and wait for them to arrive....I'm telling you EASY PEASY!

Not convinced, how's this for genius they donate glasses and funds to a non-profit charity, for each pair purchased....

I choose these:

But these were a close runner up:


bumped into an old friend

Isn't it nice when you bump into someone and your conversation picks up right where you left it as if no time has passed at all?

Where did I see her, at the mall of course?
Whiles I was picking up this from Anthropologie for $18!


a bird house I'd live in

Seriously, how fantastic are these?

I found it on a new site I love HomeSav.
Kind of like "Groupon" but with deals on gorgeous home decor and products.

Use this for a 50% link


How fun is this video?


wants these sandals

Friends: It's been a while.
I guess my get up and go, got up and left.......
I'll try and blog better.

I'm loving these new Jack Rogers Navajo sandals in waterproof PVC. I got turned on to this brand years ago while working at Ralph Lauren in NYC. They are chic, stylish and also comfortable. Honestly, come to think of it, I don't know why they didn't think of a "jelly" version sooner....

$68 sold at several stores including Nordstrom (one of my favorite stores based on their amazing customer service - evidenced in this post).

I'm getting a pair, who's with me?


James Taylor

My love for James Taylor came in my early teens while at a sleep away camp called Frost Valley. I got homesick every year but overall I loved camp. I had great experiences and met friends I wish I was still in touch with today. It was at camp that I learned to ride a bike and tried vegetarianism for the first time. Good times I tell you!

But I digress, every year at the end of each session we'd have bonfires, sing songs and swear we'd never forget each other. We'd sing "Fire and Rain" and "You've got a friend". Every time I hear those songs to this day it brings me back to a time where I had no worries or responsibilities.

I put my daughters to sleep to instrumental music every night. The CD's range from No Doubt, U2, Bob Marley and Madonna. But my personal favorite is the James Taylor CD my parents gave them one year for Christmas. I always smile as I leave the room and I hear the melody to the lyrics "Shower the people you love with love, Show them the way that you feel, Things are gonna be just fine". What better way to fall asleep?

Here's my personal favorite from Mr Taylor


is loving the Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System

I'm not too happy with how my skin is aging. I spent my teens and early 20's sans sunblock and am paying the price now.

I frequently try new skincare products and I guess I'm secretly hoping for a miracle. It's a vicious cycle I tell you but I take it on willingly. I switch products pretty regularly and rarely re buy an item because I'm on to the latest product.

This will be my exception. I love this! It leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and fresh without ever irritating it. I've used it with several different cleansers and it works equally well.

Love love love it!

Read more here

PS - I even caught hubby using it the other night


entered to win $100 - you can too!

Be sure to follow one of my favorite blogs for a chance to win a $100 Amex gift card!

PS - Check out the wardrobe consult Jill did for me about a year ago here.


did the easiest self manicure ever!

These Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips are genius! Within, 10 minutes I had a professional looking manicure with no drying time. I'm hoping it will last through the week; if so I think I found my new Friday night pastime.

Plus look at all these fun color choices!

I choose the fishnet effect and I'm very happy with how it came out.

*Disclaimer - My Hubby helped me a bit


Donated $ to the Japan relief fund

Living Social is generously matching donations made to the Red Cross for aid in Japan.
So far $997,000 has been raised!
Click here to donate.


couldn't resist a great deal

Philosophy shower gels - 3 for $33!!
Ummm, yes please!

I chose be somebody green tea, be somebody water lily and vanilla ice cream. Plus to get qualify for free shipping ( did I ever tell y'all I'm a sucker?) I bought purity made simple one step facial cleanser.

Can't wait for that to come in the mail...


loves this song - Fall For Your Type

I am loving this song. First of all it features Drake (read about him in this post). Also, I am ALWAYS a sucker for a good slow jam, cry your heart out, love song. Lastly, it's so true, when you are dating you do seem to meet the same person over and over again - whether it's their appearance, mannerisms or their attitude towards women. It can get pretty monotonous- it did for me at least until I met my Mr....


how cool are these VISA cards?

The hard part would be to choose just one.


conquers the knots!

My daughter Olivia's hair is thick and long (she's just three and it's halfway down her little back). It's also slightly wavy and just about the knottiest hair I've ever seen. She's actually a really good candidate for dreadlocks if she were ever interested.

Here's what I use to tame her mane:

Tangle Teezer brush.
I use this on wet and dry hair

CVS detangling spray
This is cheaper than other brands and works just as well. I use this on wet and dry hair

Rusk Sensories Invisible Foam Detangler, this product is discontinued but find it here.
I use this immediately after I shampoo her hair and comb it through.

How do you combat tangles? Any tips?


got a mani/pedi

It's our anniversary this weekend so I've been doing a little preparatory preening. I got my nails done earlier today and the color still hasn't grown on me. It looks like the whiteout I used to paint on my nails as a bored teenager in class (Did you do that too?)

Well take a look for your self. Maybe I'll try it again in the summer on tanner skin. Also keep in mind there's no real flattering way to photograph feet.....

OPI Alpine Snow

Whatcha think?


recent date night outfit

Here's what I wore out to a recent dinner date with the Mr to Fascino:

Top: thrifted
Pants: Delia's
Shoes: Chadwicks
Belt: vintage
Jacket: Xoxo
Purse: Louis Vuitton

Also take a peek at my new hairdo, I spontaneously cut it around Thanksgiving and am still getting used to it. I thought a shorter do would be easier boy was I wrong. I am now obsessively waiting for it to grow out (story of my life).

I also used this product from Garnier which I really liked. It was easy to use and was non-damaging. It's a temporary fix lasting 7 shampoos and it really reduced my frizz. I was actually able to air dry my hair and have it look decent

What's new loves?


went to preschool

Olivia turned three right before Christmas, December 23 to be exact and I rather spontaneously decided that I'd like her to start pre-school in January. I'm not sure how the pre-school situation is in other parts of the country but here in Northern Jersey it's a bit ridiculous. Preschools have waiting lists, lottery systems and a few even require large non-refundable deposits. I was starting to get anxiety already. Luckily, I loved the first little pre-school we visited and so did she. In particular I liked that the school is a co-op so there's always one parent helper in the class, I'm looking forward to that.

So today was her first day of school! I can't believe my little girl is in school. Now I really understand why growing up my dad would always look at me and say "You're getting big fast". Oh my God!!! It's so true...

On another note, I really enjoyed the little two and half hours I spent with just Sophia.

I didn't get any photos in the school because she literally ran off to make friends but I took this one on my iPhone right before we left.

Daydress/Play dress from Hanna Andersson (thrifted)
Strawberry Shortcake hair bow from Calcotecrys on Etsy
"Henry" the doll, from Target (birthday present last year) wearing pjs from Build a Bear