got on the Warby Parker bandwagon!

I bought Warby Parker eyeglasses this week. I have tremendously horrible eyesight but I swear by contacts. I got bad headaches if I don't wear sunglasses and prescription sunglasses just sounds like too much work. So, I'll stick with my formula of contacts by day and eyeglasses at night in bed to read.

Warby Parker is genius, simply pick out 5 pairs from the website to try on. They send them to you and you send them back when done, all with free shipping. If you decide to order it's as easy, scan your prescription, pay $95 for any frame and wait for them to arrive....I'm telling you EASY PEASY!

Not convinced, how's this for genius they donate glasses and funds to a non-profit charity, for each pair purchased....

I choose these:

But these were a close runner up:

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