loves lobster!

My hubby made a delicious lobster bake.
He kind of made it up as he went but it was sooooo good!

Find a similar recipe here


got on the Warby Parker bandwagon!

I bought Warby Parker eyeglasses this week. I have tremendously horrible eyesight but I swear by contacts. I got bad headaches if I don't wear sunglasses and prescription sunglasses just sounds like too much work. So, I'll stick with my formula of contacts by day and eyeglasses at night in bed to read.

Warby Parker is genius, simply pick out 5 pairs from the website to try on. They send them to you and you send them back when done, all with free shipping. If you decide to order it's as easy, scan your prescription, pay $95 for any frame and wait for them to arrive....I'm telling you EASY PEASY!

Not convinced, how's this for genius they donate glasses and funds to a non-profit charity, for each pair purchased....

I choose these:

But these were a close runner up:


bumped into an old friend

Isn't it nice when you bump into someone and your conversation picks up right where you left it as if no time has passed at all?

Where did I see her, at the mall of course?
Whiles I was picking up this from Anthropologie for $18!


a bird house I'd live in

Seriously, how fantastic are these?

I found it on a new site I love HomeSav.
Kind of like "Groupon" but with deals on gorgeous home decor and products.

Use this for a 50% link


How fun is this video?


wants these sandals

Friends: It's been a while.
I guess my get up and go, got up and left.......
I'll try and blog better.

I'm loving these new Jack Rogers Navajo sandals in waterproof PVC. I got turned on to this brand years ago while working at Ralph Lauren in NYC. They are chic, stylish and also comfortable. Honestly, come to think of it, I don't know why they didn't think of a "jelly" version sooner....

$68 sold at several stores including Nordstrom (one of my favorite stores based on their amazing customer service - evidenced in this post).

I'm getting a pair, who's with me?


James Taylor

My love for James Taylor came in my early teens while at a sleep away camp called Frost Valley. I got homesick every year but overall I loved camp. I had great experiences and met friends I wish I was still in touch with today. It was at camp that I learned to ride a bike and tried vegetarianism for the first time. Good times I tell you!

But I digress, every year at the end of each session we'd have bonfires, sing songs and swear we'd never forget each other. We'd sing "Fire and Rain" and "You've got a friend". Every time I hear those songs to this day it brings me back to a time where I had no worries or responsibilities.

I put my daughters to sleep to instrumental music every night. The CD's range from No Doubt, U2, Bob Marley and Madonna. But my personal favorite is the James Taylor CD my parents gave them one year for Christmas. I always smile as I leave the room and I hear the melody to the lyrics "Shower the people you love with love, Show them the way that you feel, Things are gonna be just fine". What better way to fall asleep?

Here's my personal favorite from Mr Taylor