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Giveaway: Glowelle Beauty Drink Six Pack


woke up at the crack of dawn!

My 7 month old Sophia's (aka the rooster) inner alarm clock is set to 5:30 - 6:30 am regardless of what time she goes to sleep. This morning she was ready to start her day at 6:37 am(read: ready for me to start our day at 6:37 am).
I bit the bullet and came down to living room. We had refreshments, sippy cup of ice water for her and Mexican hot chocolate for me. We had entertainment, Cadillac bouncy chair for her and MTV videos for me. I'm really digging the visuals of Mariah Carey's "Up out my face" and Jay-Z's "On to the next one". I also caught up on some favorite blogs on my Google Reader.

For those of you not in the NYC area check out some iPhone photos I took this morning:

My enclosed "sun" porch

View from living room window

Unplowed roads

What time did you wake up?

Until tomorrow,

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is searching for the perfect snow boot!

Living in the northeast requires you to have a fully functional wardrobe for all 4 seasons, where else do the temperatures range from 15 - 105 degrees.........

This winter has been especially brutal and my footwear has not been up to par. I alternate between my knee high Hunter rain boots which husby gave me last year for Christmas and Uggs.

The Hunter boots are great because they are extremely waterproof. I also like that they are knee high so your pants stay nice and dry. However, they are made of rubber and do not keep your feet warm at all. These are probably better for Spring and Autumn.

I really love Uggs (over the past 5 years I've had about 8 pairs - this is my current pair). They are a comfortable and casual choice for Fall and Winter. Their downside is the suede is not waterproof if you are in rain or snow for a long time.

Today's blizzard did not keep me from an afternoon trip to Target where I saw a girl wearing Moon Boots.

Product description from Amazon:

This boot from Tecnica is no match for even the coldest of weathers. This Moon boot has a weatherproof upper, heavily padded linings for keeping you warm, and dual drawstring closures for a custom fit. It also has a heavy-duty treaded outsole to keep you steady on icy surfaces. Ladies and Gentlemen: the original, the classic, the eternally fashionable Tecnica Women's Moon Boot. Take a giant step for mankind with the Tecnica Moon Boot's plush comfort and killer style.

They sound like the best of both worlds. Next winter, I'm getting a pair...

Would you wear Moon Boots?

Until tomorrow,


had some great pizza!

We went to a new pizza spot in Montclair today after my daughters Zoo Friends class...

Ah'Pizz (I know horrible name...) is located on Willow Street in Montclair. It's a classic Neapolitan pizza joint. the owners even went to Naples to learn how too cook authentically on the wood burning oven that was imported from Italy. We had the basic Margarita pie (larger than a personal pie - it could probably feed 2-3 adults) and a chocolate cannoli. Everything was delicious and fresh with great quality ingredients. I can't wait to go back to try other pizzas.

Click here for Ah'Pizz info - no website

A word to the parents, my 2 year old loved the pizza and cannoli but bring your own plastic ware. They do not have children's drinking cups, non breakable plates etc.

What did you have for lunch?

Until tomorrow,


painted pottery!

Today was an eventful day.....

We had our new sofas delivered, I'm loving the new living room look with all the shades of cream.

Later that day, we met my daughters god parents and some of their family for a birthday brunch at Toast in Montclair. That was my second time there, what a great space. I love that it's 2 floors and you just feel like you're lounging at someones house. I ordered two of my reliable favorites, a chai latte and eggs benedict. Yummy!

Afterwards we went a local paint your own ceramics studio a few blocks away. It's called Doin' Dishes (click here for info - no website). Olivia had a great time painting a spoon rest.

How was your Tuesday?

Until tomorrow,


wants the texthook!

I am all about pimping out my ride ( well my kids ride that is)....

The texthook was created by a stay at home mom to hold your "smart" phone on your stroller handlebar. It will sit right next to my cup holder for my Starbucks Venti Green Tea Lemonade and a hook for my shopping bags.

I can't wait to order these product I think it would make my life easier since I am notorious for never hearing my phone when it rings.

What gadget makes your life easier?

Until tomorrow,


spent the day spring cleaning!

We are preparing for some new couches for the living room (cream colored leather - are we in denial or what?). They'll be arriving later this week so we wanted to get a few loose ends tied up, fix the floors, touch up some paint, change the color scheme, buy a few new and fake plants...I'm loving how it looks and it's only 25% done.

However, in typical Hilary fashion one thing lead to another and I now feel like I'm redecorating the entire house. I take what I don't want from one room and move it to another room,changing that room's color palette. I'm constantly shifting stuff around the whole house.

Do your project's get out of hand also?

Until tomorrow,


took her little girl for her 1st haircut!



I should say her first REAL haircut. I cut her hair bangs a few months ago but it was a bit of a disaster that ended up with me chasing her around the house with scissors for weeks afterwards to touch up the unevenness.......

I had been letting it grow out but that didn't work too well either. She doesn't like me to brush her hair (she cries "leave me leave me") and she wont keep a clip or barrette in for more than 10 minutes. Her hair was constantly in her hair face like Shaggy from Scooby Doo (which oddly enough is what the were playing on the DVD at the kids salon).

I thought she would protest more but she actually enjoyed it, she sat in a Barbie Jeep and steered while the stylist gave her a trim and very even bangs. Mission Accomplished!

Did you have any firsts today?

Until tomorrow,


is in the mood to make jam!

Aren't these labels adorable? (From A Delightful Blog)

They make me want to whip up a batch of jam right now.

I made strawberry jam a few months ago, it was so easy and so delicious! I'd like to venture into other fruits. Growing up my grandma often made peach jam so that would be fun to try. It's a great way to use up bulk fruit you buy at warehouse supermarkets (Costco, Sam's, BJ's, etc). Last week I bought the largest container of plums known to man, I think plum jam is in order....Now, if only I can get to The Container Store to buy the jam jars before the plums spoil......

Plum Jam recipe

Jam jars

Until tomorrow,


is deciphering her dream!

I keep a dream dictionary by my nightstand for the rare occurrence when I wake up naturally and actually remember what I was dreaming........ (Read: After you have kids you never sleep the same again!)

Last night I dreamt I stabbed someone. (Don't judge!)

Here's a couple interpretations:
  • Violence. Fear of betrayal. Need to be more trusting.
  • To dream that you stab someone, indicates your fear of betrayal and your untrusting nature. You may be too much on the defensive.
Interesting, not sure if I trust the results.

Until tomorrow,

If you want to check out the dream dictionary I keep by my bed, click here.


was thoroughly disguested with her lunch!!

Don't get me wrong - It tasted great. But really, who knew a quarter pounder with cheese was 510 calories! Not to mention the extra big mac sauce I had them add. I'm not a diet freak by any means but after several pregnancies in a short period of time, 2 c-sections and let's be honest metabolism and age are not amigos, I am starting to make somewhat more careful choices.

I've been using a great program called myfitnesspal.com to help me keep a daily diary of my food and exercise. They determined for my height and ideal weight I need approximately 1200 daily calories. Some days I'm motivated and make smart choices, other days I try to stretch my allotted amount as far as possible with meals and snacks that aren't as nutritious but in smaller portions to stay under the radar. Trickery never tasted so good.......

How do you stay fit?

Until tomorrow,

By the way, McDonald's new limited edition Olympic sweet chili sauce for the McNuggets is delish!!


is loving her new vintage boots!

I went to a thrift store with my mom and daughters yesterday for what I thought would be a relaxing morning of vintage shopping!
Boy, was I wrong........The store was a total madhouse! People were even waiting outside to get in, it was almost impossible to navigate the aisles.
Turns out there was a Presidents Day sale and everything was an additional 50% off, so I persevered and got a few great pieces including a pair of vintage oxblood leather wedge boots.
I already replaced the insoles and will be rocking these beauties tomorrow!


is practicing positive thinking!

Like the rest of America a few years ago, I was under the spell of The Secret. I read the book in about 2 days, I even carried it with me in my purse for reinforcment. I loved the concepts of expressing gratitude, visualizing postive results and the overall feeling of control of your life it gave.

At the time I was at a really happy place in my life, pregnant with my first child, on vacation with my husband in Key West, renovating our first home, had a job I was happy in.....brings you back to the age old question, what came first the chicken or the egg? Was I happy because of the book or was I simply happy and the book made me realize it?

Regardless, I made daily affirmations of gratitude for all things in my life for about a year and a half - I kept those positive vibes flowing - but like most diets, life gets in the way and you slack off for a day or two that becomes a week and before you realize it, it's no longer your routine....

This is my public declaration to express gratitude for all I have and for all I want.

Until tomorrow,

Did you read The Secret?


is celebrating LOVE in all forms!

Love for my husband - grows every day - what a beautiful life we've created!

Love for my children - what a privilege to watch them grow!

Love for my parents - I appreciate them in innumerable ways - they are the best parents and grandparents anyone could wish for!

Love for the cold east coast - which forces me to relax in my house doing "nothing"!

Love for the simple things in life - like daily Starbucks iced green tea lemonade which husby and Olivia are out getting for me right now!

What do you love?

Until tomorrow,

PS - I'm off to try on one of my Valentine's Day presents - Paige Jeggings


fell for the hype!

I recently purchased 2 new beauty items in the hopes that I will look better without makeup.

L'Oreal Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum - I'm just using the serum once a night. They recommend twice a day, under mascara as well but I'm not crazy about the feel. I figure it might take longer but if it works it works. My lashes used to be very thick and long but I think the years of constant mascara have damaged them. Do you think that's possible?

L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base - They say you can wear this alone or under your makeup. It gives your skin an even uniform appearance while minimizing fine lines and discoloration. I bought this last night and will try it for the first time later today or tomorrow. I'm optimistic!

The verdicts not out yet-I'm giving both products 1 month before making my final evaluation. I'll keep you posted....Go to www.lorealparisusa.com to sign up for the mailing list to receive coupons and samples if you'd like to join me in testing out these new products

Have any beauty ads sucked you in lately?


went to Cinderella's ball!

I took my 2 year old to her regular Ballet Magic class at Stories in Motion and it turns out the class was cancelled and in its place was a Valentine's Day Ball with Cinderella!!!!

The ball consisted of about 8 girls dressed in ball appropriate attire...Cinderella read them her story, they danced and reenacted the story, they posed for photos with Cinderella.

After all these activities the girls were ready to munch on some Valentine's Day goodies - they had heart shaped sandwiches, grapes and juice. Then it was time to decorate cupcakes with frosting and several types of sprinkles - they looked and tasted delicious. After this they created a Valentine's Day picture frame in the shape of a bear. Then it was time for more dancing!!!!

When we got home from the ball she went down for her nap without objection and everyone in the kingdom was happy!

Do you have any Valentine's Day plans this weekend?

Until tomorrow,


made a fantasy Valentine's Day wish list!

What I would want if money, time and energy were no obstacles:

J Brand jean leggings

Gucci purse

New Coat

D&G perfume

That's not asking for too much, is it?!? LOL

What's on your wish list?

Until tomorrow,


made the worst cookies ever!

What is it about a snow day that makes me think I'm Betty Crocker?!?

Today was no different, I tried making Potato Chip Cookies. I've only tasted these once in my life about 5 years ago. They were made by my former boss's mom for Christmas. I loved them, the buttery flavor, the crunchy texture - they were delicious!

I tried making them a few weeks after I tasted them and they came out like oily, inedible pancakes.

We had a lot of leftover potato chips from Superbowl so I tried again today. The cookies were once again inedible. This time they all ran together and filled up the whole tray with an oily, gummy mush. Maybe I'll try again in another 5 years....

Have you ever tried potato chip cookies?

Until tomorrow,


Preparing for "snowageddon"!

If you live in the area and are listening to the hype, we are expecting 15 inches of snow with 45 mph wind gusts, snow drifts, power outages and blizzard like driving conditions!

I was out of the house almost all day today to avoid cabin fever tomorrow. I got all my Valentine's Day errands done. Thank you Bergen Town Center - Century 21, Disney outlet and Target, mission accomplished! Tomorrow I plan on organizing my pantry, kitchen junk drawer and all those toiletries stashed under the bathroom sink (my kind of snow day). Also, if it's not too crazy I'll take my 2 year old to play in the snow, I have her snowsuit ready....

My Snow day provisions:

What are your plans for tomorrow?

Until tomorrow,


Is recovering from Super Bowl!

What a great time last night!

Although I paid little attention to the game and my attempt at a football pool was thwarted - I'm still considering the party a success. Good food (lots of it) and drinks kept flowing.......

What did you do for Super Bowl?

Until tomorrow,

PS - a word to the wise - DO NOT drink Red Bull and Patron Cafe and think you will sleep at night...


Entered a contest to win a sterling silver charm bracelet!

You can enter too.....

Check it out at one of my favorite blogs Design Dazzle.

The bracelet is adorable with 1000's of choices of charms to personalize it......
The tiger charm would be really cute and keeps with my Chinese New Year theme.

Which charm do you like?

Good luck to all!

Until tomorrow,


Is thinking about CulinAriane!

Yesterday Husby and I joined another couple for a late dinner at CulinAriane in Montclair, which recently re-opened after an expansion - read a NY Times restaurant reviews here.

Many of you might be familiar with this restaurant because it's chef and owner was featured on Bravo's Top Chef in Season 5. I've been wanting to try this restaurant for some time now since she was one of my favorite contestants on the show.

Yesterday was a great time to try the restaurant as it was Restaurant Week in Montclair. They offered a 3 course prixe-fixe menu for $31 with $1 going to charity.

All four of us were happy with our selections, between us we had lentil soup, endive salad, cornmeal crusted oysters with horseradish (one of their signature dishes) for appetizers. The main courses were equally satisfying filet mignon, penne with shrimp, peas and pancetta and scallops. This was followed by desserts that can only be described as decadent, molten chocolate cake, lemon meringue martini and almond cake with pears.

CulinAriane is a BYOB establishment. Although we brought wine, our guests brought a great bottle of Turley - read some of the wine reviews here.

I love this restaurant - can't wait to go back...

Have you been to any good restaurants lately?
Until tomorrow,


Made some Chinese New Years art projects!

This year Chinese New Years falls on February 14 so my daughters art class celebrated this week.

They made some adorable projects:
Dragon Hats
Cherry Blossom trees
Coloring pages of Chinese Images such as The Year of the Tiger and Gung Hay Fat Choy
Stencils of different Chinese characters

I'm feeling pretty inspired to continue celebrating. I'm thinking yummy Chinese take out one night this week and gifts of money in red envelopes.

Do you plan on celebrating Chinese New Years?

Until tomorrow,


Stole her husband's shower gel (again!)

I just love the way it smells...

Burt's Bees Natural Skincare for Men Body Wash
It smells fresh and clean but not too masculine. It has an herbal quality to it that reminds me of Aveda Shampure.

Whose beauty products do you steal?

Until tomorrow,


STILL has the Grammy's on her mind!

I love awards shows! Especially music ones like the Grammy's.

Here were my highlights:

Best Performances:
Drake, Lil Wayne and Eminem
Maxwell and Roberta Flack

Most Random Performance:
Jamie Foxx, Slash and T-Pain

Saddest Moment:
Paris and Prince Jackson

Best-looking "couple" (?):
Usher and Mya

Best Hair:
Norah Jones

Best Dress:
Katy Perry

Best Makeup:
Keri Hilson

Did you watch the Grammy's?
What were your highlights?

Until tomorrow,


Started a blog!

Something I've been thinking about doing for some time....Not sure where this will lead me but I'm hoping I'll meet some great friends and have fun along the way!


What is something you've always wanted to do?

Until tomorrow,