is searching for the perfect snow boot!

Living in the northeast requires you to have a fully functional wardrobe for all 4 seasons, where else do the temperatures range from 15 - 105 degrees.........

This winter has been especially brutal and my footwear has not been up to par. I alternate between my knee high Hunter rain boots which husby gave me last year for Christmas and Uggs.

The Hunter boots are great because they are extremely waterproof. I also like that they are knee high so your pants stay nice and dry. However, they are made of rubber and do not keep your feet warm at all. These are probably better for Spring and Autumn.

I really love Uggs (over the past 5 years I've had about 8 pairs - this is my current pair). They are a comfortable and casual choice for Fall and Winter. Their downside is the suede is not waterproof if you are in rain or snow for a long time.

Today's blizzard did not keep me from an afternoon trip to Target where I saw a girl wearing Moon Boots.

Product description from Amazon:

This boot from Tecnica is no match for even the coldest of weathers. This Moon boot has a weatherproof upper, heavily padded linings for keeping you warm, and dual drawstring closures for a custom fit. It also has a heavy-duty treaded outsole to keep you steady on icy surfaces. Ladies and Gentlemen: the original, the classic, the eternally fashionable Tecnica Women's Moon Boot. Take a giant step for mankind with the Tecnica Moon Boot's plush comfort and killer style.

They sound like the best of both worlds. Next winter, I'm getting a pair...

Would you wear Moon Boots?

Until tomorrow,

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