was thoroughly disguested with her lunch!!

Don't get me wrong - It tasted great. But really, who knew a quarter pounder with cheese was 510 calories! Not to mention the extra big mac sauce I had them add. I'm not a diet freak by any means but after several pregnancies in a short period of time, 2 c-sections and let's be honest metabolism and age are not amigos, I am starting to make somewhat more careful choices.

I've been using a great program called myfitnesspal.com to help me keep a daily diary of my food and exercise. They determined for my height and ideal weight I need approximately 1200 daily calories. Some days I'm motivated and make smart choices, other days I try to stretch my allotted amount as far as possible with meals and snacks that aren't as nutritious but in smaller portions to stay under the radar. Trickery never tasted so good.......

How do you stay fit?

Until tomorrow,

By the way, McDonald's new limited edition Olympic sweet chili sauce for the McNuggets is delish!!

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  1. Well, I usually play ping pong to maintain my girlish figure.