took her little girl for her 1st haircut!



I should say her first REAL haircut. I cut her hair bangs a few months ago but it was a bit of a disaster that ended up with me chasing her around the house with scissors for weeks afterwards to touch up the unevenness.......

I had been letting it grow out but that didn't work too well either. She doesn't like me to brush her hair (she cries "leave me leave me") and she wont keep a clip or barrette in for more than 10 minutes. Her hair was constantly in her hair face like Shaggy from Scooby Doo (which oddly enough is what the were playing on the DVD at the kids salon).

I thought she would protest more but she actually enjoyed it, she sat in a Barbie Jeep and steered while the stylist gave her a trim and very even bangs. Mission Accomplished!

Did you have any firsts today?

Until tomorrow,

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