went to Cinderella's ball!

I took my 2 year old to her regular Ballet Magic class at Stories in Motion and it turns out the class was cancelled and in its place was a Valentine's Day Ball with Cinderella!!!!

The ball consisted of about 8 girls dressed in ball appropriate attire...Cinderella read them her story, they danced and reenacted the story, they posed for photos with Cinderella.

After all these activities the girls were ready to munch on some Valentine's Day goodies - they had heart shaped sandwiches, grapes and juice. Then it was time to decorate cupcakes with frosting and several types of sprinkles - they looked and tasted delicious. After this they created a Valentine's Day picture frame in the shape of a bear. Then it was time for more dancing!!!!

When we got home from the ball she went down for her nap without objection and everyone in the kingdom was happy!

Do you have any Valentine's Day plans this weekend?

Until tomorrow,

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