woke up at the crack of dawn!

My 7 month old Sophia's (aka the rooster) inner alarm clock is set to 5:30 - 6:30 am regardless of what time she goes to sleep. This morning she was ready to start her day at 6:37 am(read: ready for me to start our day at 6:37 am).
I bit the bullet and came down to living room. We had refreshments, sippy cup of ice water for her and Mexican hot chocolate for me. We had entertainment, Cadillac bouncy chair for her and MTV videos for me. I'm really digging the visuals of Mariah Carey's "Up out my face" and Jay-Z's "On to the next one". I also caught up on some favorite blogs on my Google Reader.

For those of you not in the NYC area check out some iPhone photos I took this morning:

My enclosed "sun" porch

View from living room window

Unplowed roads

What time did you wake up?

Until tomorrow,

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