made the worst cookies ever!

What is it about a snow day that makes me think I'm Betty Crocker?!?

Today was no different, I tried making Potato Chip Cookies. I've only tasted these once in my life about 5 years ago. They were made by my former boss's mom for Christmas. I loved them, the buttery flavor, the crunchy texture - they were delicious!

I tried making them a few weeks after I tasted them and they came out like oily, inedible pancakes.

We had a lot of leftover potato chips from Superbowl so I tried again today. The cookies were once again inedible. This time they all ran together and filled up the whole tray with an oily, gummy mush. Maybe I'll try again in another 5 years....

Have you ever tried potato chip cookies?

Until tomorrow,

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