is practicing positive thinking!

Like the rest of America a few years ago, I was under the spell of The Secret. I read the book in about 2 days, I even carried it with me in my purse for reinforcment. I loved the concepts of expressing gratitude, visualizing postive results and the overall feeling of control of your life it gave.

At the time I was at a really happy place in my life, pregnant with my first child, on vacation with my husband in Key West, renovating our first home, had a job I was happy in.....brings you back to the age old question, what came first the chicken or the egg? Was I happy because of the book or was I simply happy and the book made me realize it?

Regardless, I made daily affirmations of gratitude for all things in my life for about a year and a half - I kept those positive vibes flowing - but like most diets, life gets in the way and you slack off for a day or two that becomes a week and before you realize it, it's no longer your routine....

This is my public declaration to express gratitude for all I have and for all I want.

Until tomorrow,

Did you read The Secret?

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