has a confession!

While shopping for my husband's birthday on nordstrom.com last week, I also made a purchase for myself. I guess I subscribe to the old school childhood mathematics of 1 for you and 1 for me.

I bought Boutique Nordstrom 'Tia' Wedge Sandals. I loved the fact that they were 50 % off! I think they are so cute and versatile, I can already picture throwing them on at night with jeans and a tank top to go out to dinner and during the day with an easy, breezy sundress. I love their height and the fact that they are a wedge means I don't have to worry about being out and about with my kids (read:chasing after my 2 year old in restaurants).

I just want to find a nice purse to complete the look for all those summer birthday parties and bbq's.

Maybe one of these:

Until tomorrow,


is happy with no pets

Meet George the 4 year old, 245 lb 7 ft tall Great Dane. He eats 110 lbs of food a month and sleeps in his own queen size bed. He's beautiful but I am so not ready for a dog....

Have your pets taken over your house?

Until tomorrow,


entered a great giveaway!

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wants to catch the Easter Bunny!

Want to show your kids a picture of the Easter Bunny inside or outside their own home? Give your kids "proof" - visit www.catchacharacter.com, it's so simple and fun!

You just take a digital picture of your yard, porch, living room or anywhere near your home for your background photo. Then you choose a character and place them in your photo. After that, all you do is download, email or print your photo. You can also share it instantly on Facebook and similar websites.

They also have other characters available, you can catch Santa, the Tooth Fairy or Cupid.

Until tomorrow,


What I'd like to do this week - in no particular order

  • Keep using my Beaba to make Sophia's babyfood
  • Catch up on the insane amount of laundry we have
  • Figure out what to wear on Easter
  • Design Sophia's baptism invitation - I've narrowed the color scheme down to plum and grey
  • Buy some Cherry Blossoms stems for my birthday party
  • Keep working hard on my special project
  • Go to the New York International Auto Show in NYC
  • Test drive a new car
  • Resist the Girl Scout cookies in the kitchen drawer that are calling my name



My week in review

This week I:


is thinking TGIF!

First I lost my car key at the mall after running out of baby bottles, diapers, wipes, etc. My husband had to leave work early to bring me the spare key which wouldn't have been so bad except I was birthday shopping for him and my cover was blown. A few days later, I chipped my tooth (on a Coach wristlet) while getting ready for hubby's birthday. It's minor but I notice it and it will drive me crazy until I get it fixed. We went out and had a blast for his birthday only to find out our car got towed. We had to go to the car impound and spend an inordinate amount of money to get it back.

What a week's it's been, TGIF..........

Until tomorrow,


might take up needlepoint!

I bought the knitwit a while back but haven't tried it yet.

However, I think I might be on to my next hobby, I saw these beautiful needlepoint kits in the April 2010 issue of Elle Decor. I definitely wouldn't mind having one of these pillows around my house.

These are some of my favorites, you can see these and more at www.ehrmantapestry.com.



Millefiori Crimson

Have you ever tried needlepoint?

Until tomorrow,


bought some gift packaging!



Unfortunately, the adorable store Nice Package which sells creative gift packaging solutions is closing it's doors forever. Items in both their virtual store are 50% off and start as low as $1.25. Check it out, the sale ends tomorrow at midnight. I'm sorry to see them go.....

Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/nicepackage
Bigcartel Shop: www.nicepackageshop.com

This is what I managed to get, alot of items were already sold out. So cute, I'll use it to store receipts in my purse.

I'm thinking for Mother's Day treats.

Ribbon - just because it's too cute not to. I'll figure out what to do with it later..

Until tomorrow,


What I'd like to do this week - in no particular order

  • Get the girls to nap at the same time (I lied there is an order and this is 1st)
  • Get back to my exercise routine
  • Get a manicure and pedicure in any color other than my usual pale pink, maybe I'll try OPI Pamplona Purple
  • Sign up Olivia for Spanish playgroup
  • Decide on haircut and color before Thursday
  • Finish Easter baskets
  • Finalize Sophia's baptism plans and create invitation
  • Buy something to wear to Mr TH birthday dinner, maybe something like this:

What's on your list?

Until tomorrow,


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  • Full line of Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in all 5 Sweet Thing shades
  • Expert Wear Duo Eye Shadow in Goody Plum Drop, Excite Mint and Pie in the Sky
  • Eye Express Cream Shadow Stick in Lovely Lilac and Mint
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My week in review

How was your week?

Until tomorrow,


is announcing a WINNER!


Congratulations to GINA of Unpinklife. You won a $15 Target gift card and a $5 Starbucks gift card. I'll be contacting you via email for your mailing address.

Thanks to all who entered, stay tuned for another gift card giveaway in April.

Gina's winning comment:
"Following you on twitter @unpinkmom"

Until tomorrow,

finally knows what to do with all those stained kids clothes!

I receive a lot of catalogs but J Crew and crewcuts (seriously the cutest name ever) are two that I devour right away. I love how the clothes are styled and layered. The mixture of textures and patterns is so fun. Those catalogs always make me want to go upstairs and start my day over in a new inspired outfit.

Well the latest crewcuts catalog was no exception. It was full of delicious outfits as expected. What I truly loved about it were the DIY ideas to personalize some of the pieces. While, I'm not nearly daring enough to try this on clothes straight off the rack, I would totally try it on some things that have small rips or stains. I'm all about recycling and giving clothes a second life.

Check out some of the DIY examples below and here on the crewcuts website

What do you do with your kids old clothes?

Until tomorrow,
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is in the mood for cupcakes!

If I could I'd go to Australia to pick up a dozen of these cupcakes.

Isn't this the most beautiful cupcakery you've ever seen?

Don't forget to enter for a chance to win a Target and Starbucks gift card. The giveaway ends 3/17 at midnight EST.

Until tomorrow,
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loves Target even more!

While strolling the aisles of Target this week, checking out the new Liberty line I came across a steal (in my opinion)......

Weleda products at a deep discount - I'm not great at math to figure out the % - but one item was $28.77 and was reduced to $6.68. Now, I've never been one to pass up a deal and this was no exception, I bought the entire line.

Weleda Wild Rose Moisture Cream
Weleda Rose Cleansing Lotion
Weleda Rose Facial Tonic

This is what the Weleda website says about the Wild Rose line:

"It’s a specially formulated selection of wild rose products that nourish and revitalize with nutrients that support the reawakening of supple, radiant skin. Worth more than its weight in gold, organic rosehip seed oil promotes skin renewal with exceptionally high amounts of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that replenish your natural moisture and help reduce the appearance of fine lines."

I have a thing for skincare and am desperately trying to use up my Lancome Genefique (maybe more on that in a future post). I've used Weleda before and have been very happy with the quality of the product and the fact that's it's organic is an extra plus in my book. As a side note, they also make a great diaper cream. I've used it on both my daughters.

Read more about Weleda here.

Seriously how gorgeous is the Weleda spa, I'd love to have a facial there.

Have you ever tried Weleda?

Until tomorrow,


got a Tiffany catalog in the mail.

I got my first Tiffany item a few months ago from Mr TH for our anniversary. He's going to regret opening Pandora's box because now I'm addicted. I got the Selections Spring 2010 catalog in the mail (I recognized the blue envelope right away) and liked two pieces in particular.

Paloma Picasso Modern Heart Hoop earrings

Tiffany 1837 Interlocking Circles Bangle

Do you love Tiffany jewelry?

Until tomorrow,


is having her first giveaway!

I'm giving away gift cards to 2 of my favorite stores!

In celebration of Target's new line Liberty of London, I am giving away a $15 Target gift card along with a $5 Starbucks gift card to pick up a little something sweet on the way.

Here's a sampling of some of the great pieces in this new line. I particularly love the bike even though I don't actually like to ride a bike.

It's very simple to enter this give away, just choose your favorite of the five patterns featured on the Pattern Your World section on the Target website found here and leave a comment saying which you like the most. (My favorite is Peacock). You also must be a registered follower of Today Hilary through Google Friends connect (1 entry).

You can also get 3 extra entries by becoming a follower on Twitter and posting the giveaway (1 entry), let me know in a comment. Also, if you refer someone and they become a follower, you can get an additional entry just leave a comment saying who your referred to become a follower (1 entry). You can get 1 additional entry if you post this giveaway on your blog with a link, let me know in the comment form that you posted it and your blog site.

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Good luck!

Until tomorrow,

is impressed with Nordstrom!

I can't believe how fast Nordstrom processed and shipped my recent order and I selected the standard (read: longest) shipping time frame....

It all started Thursday evening when I tried to take my two girls to the mall to do a little birthday shopping for my husband (aka Mr TH) while he was at a business meeting after work. I got almost no shopping accomplished but we did create some chaos. Olivia figured out how to climb out of the stroller straps causing it to flip with Sophia still in it. I sat on the smallest armchair ever created at Pottery Barn kids to feed Sophia. We left a trail of chocolate cake crumbs from Williams Sonoma (used as a bribe to not climb out of stroller again). I'm blocking out the rest......

I decided I better just do my shopping online. I usually start planning for birthdays and holidays about a month ahead of time so I never feel rushed (read: never have to pay $20 for overnight shipping). I placed an order on Thursday night close to midnight and I received an email on Friday afternoon saying not only has it been processed but has shipped with tracking results. What GREAT service!

I have to say Nordstrom is my favorite of all the department stores.........

Do you love Nordstrom?

Until tomorrow,


can't watch Wendy Williams!

Let me just take this moment to say I'm a huge Wendy Williams fan. I used to listen to her radio program religiously, if I were out doing errands I'd only get out of the car during commercials. The radio show was juicy, a little bit of music and a lot of talk......The TV show is a fun visual, it's slightly watered down compared to the radio version but I guess that comes with the territory of having to get sponsors for commercial time etc.....

I DVR the show every day and watch the show from the previous night in the morning while I'm feeding Sophia. Sometimes I just watch the Hot Topics segment if I'm not interested in the guest. But today I wont be watching anything due to a fluke on my DVR, Wendy did not record.........Thanks a lot technology!

Wendy, you are a friend in my head! HOW YOU DOIN'?

Do you watch Wendy Williams?

Until tomorrow,


entered a great giveaway!

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is making her ANTM prediction!

I was surprised when I saw the premiere recorded on my DVR. I completely forgot that the show was starting again. I read a few weeks backs that it was scheduled for March 10 but I really just can't believe we are mid March already.........

I always enjoy this show and choose 1 girl in the beginning of each season as my prediction to win.

For cycle 14, here's my pick:

Raina is my pick to win. She came in looking very Denise Richards with golden blond hair and looked great but post makeover she looks fierce! I love the strong brow and full lips, I thinks she's going to prove to be a very versatile model.

On another note, I saw enough of Angelea last season (she almost made top 13 last season and was featured heavily on cycle 13's premiere). She came back this season with a supposed new and improved attitude but I doubt it...

Do you watch ANTM?

Until tomorrow,

PS - I can't wait to see Andre Leon Talley's appearance as judge on next week's episode. I find him so over the top. How will Miss J keep up....?


is loving her new hat!

My sister gave me this amazing hat and I can't wait to wear it poolside......The picture doesn't do it justice. The brim is perfect to protect you from the sun but isn't too large or floppy that it would be in the way of a good magazine or margarita (hey a mommy can dream, can't she?)...

It's from Swim'n Sport and was $24. It's not currently on their website but take a look at the beautiful bathing suits.

Are you excited for summer?

Until tomorrow,


is expecting a knitwit!

Have you ever ordered something and completely forgot about it? This morning I got an email from paypal saying my package has shipped. When I opened the email it turns out my knitwit is on it's way. I'm pretty sure I ordered this back in January but I guess that's a minor detail.....

I have always wanted to knit but never quite got the hang of it, this product gives you "knitted/crocheted results" with a simple process of creating small rosette's using the knitwit tool that pop off joined to the next rosette. It's coming back to me now, I wanted the knit wit to make matching scarf and hat sets but looking on their website the possibilities are endless. Someone even made a jumpsuit!

I hope it gets here soon, I'm ready for my new hobby to begin.

Have you ever tried the knitwit?

Until tomorrow,


can't decide how to cut her hair - Pt 2

Back to yesterday's dilemma....

This is my current hair 1 day after a professional blowout:

These are my ideal long hair images:

These are my short hair ideas:

Also, after talking to a friend last night who always has great hair she suggested a Brazilian Keratin treatment. So let's add that to the mix...........

What do you think?

Until tomorrow,


can't decide how to cut her hair - Pt 1

I'm scheduled for a haircut 12 days from now. In my mind, I have 2 options get a trim (the safe route) or go for a completely new look.......

I've been obsessively growing my hair "long" for about 5 years now. Problem is it doesn't grow past my shoulder blades so it's never really long the the way I'd like........

I'm seriously considering the Halle Berry cut except we have different hair textures so I'm sure it would look soooo different on me.

I like this long hairstyle I have but the major drawback is it's not wash and go hair that I need with 2 young babies. I go to the salon every week to get a blow out and then methodically make it last a week with shower caps and ponytails. This system works fine except for the swimming pool season of the summer and the blizzard season of the winter. Without the blowouts my hair is unmanageably frizzy, kinky and Bon Jovi circa 1989 - looking.

What should I do?

Until tomorrow,

PS - Pt 2 will include potential haircut images tomorrow


is seriously reconsidering her caffeine intake!

Sophia shows no signs of not getting up at the crack of dawn anytime soon. She's such a morning person, it's like 2 different babies her morning self compared to her late afternoon self. I have to admit I do enjoy the alone time with her, probably the only moments of the day her sister isn't trying to monopolize.

Here's Sophia ready to rock at 5:57am

This past week I've taken a completely different approach and decided, "if you cant beat them, join them". I have bitten the bullet and decided to fully wake up rather than bring her to the playroom and pretend to sleep on the sofa while she bounces in her "car". I have done things this week that no one should do at 6am, rearrange the attic furniture, fold a load of whites, buy Easter presents online. I've been super productive, even today I'm writing today's blog at 7:07am (which is a good idea since I'm looking forward to a date with Mr tonight).

Overall, I feel good except the burning of my eyes from being so tired. I didn't mention that Olivia, woke up at 11pm and 4am in addition.....

I usually am a big Starbucksnista, I even have a loyalty card with my name printed on it. I live for their Green Tea lemonade with light ice and no sweetener. Yesterday however, I needed an additional mid afternoon iced latte from Dunkin Donuts to make it through. I felt so disloyal....

How do you caffeinate?

Until tomorrow,


wants to start a new book!

If only so I can use these cute bookmarks I spotted on one of my favorite blogs, Lovely Little Things.

Until tomorrow,


wants to know who is Mr Brainwash?

While in NYC on Tuesday, I happened upon an amazing art show by Mr Brainwash.

Check out some photos of the pieces below:

Which one do you like?

Until tomorrow,