is thinking TGIF!

First I lost my car key at the mall after running out of baby bottles, diapers, wipes, etc. My husband had to leave work early to bring me the spare key which wouldn't have been so bad except I was birthday shopping for him and my cover was blown. A few days later, I chipped my tooth (on a Coach wristlet) while getting ready for hubby's birthday. It's minor but I notice it and it will drive me crazy until I get it fixed. We went out and had a blast for his birthday only to find out our car got towed. We had to go to the car impound and spend an inordinate amount of money to get it back.

What a week's it's been, TGIF..........

Until tomorrow,

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  1. OMG, i'm so sorry. i can't even imagine the stress. hopefully this wknd will be good to you guys.