finally knows what to do with all those stained kids clothes!

I receive a lot of catalogs but J Crew and crewcuts (seriously the cutest name ever) are two that I devour right away. I love how the clothes are styled and layered. The mixture of textures and patterns is so fun. Those catalogs always make me want to go upstairs and start my day over in a new inspired outfit.

Well the latest crewcuts catalog was no exception. It was full of delicious outfits as expected. What I truly loved about it were the DIY ideas to personalize some of the pieces. While, I'm not nearly daring enough to try this on clothes straight off the rack, I would totally try it on some things that have small rips or stains. I'm all about recycling and giving clothes a second life.

Check out some of the DIY examples below and here on the crewcuts website

What do you do with your kids old clothes?

Until tomorrow,

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  1. I love looking through J.Crew catalogs! It is all so pretty! I love the diy idea especially the lil cardigan! Adorable!