is expecting a knitwit!

Have you ever ordered something and completely forgot about it? This morning I got an email from paypal saying my package has shipped. When I opened the email it turns out my knitwit is on it's way. I'm pretty sure I ordered this back in January but I guess that's a minor detail.....

I have always wanted to knit but never quite got the hang of it, this product gives you "knitted/crocheted results" with a simple process of creating small rosette's using the knitwit tool that pop off joined to the next rosette. It's coming back to me now, I wanted the knit wit to make matching scarf and hat sets but looking on their website the possibilities are endless. Someone even made a jumpsuit!

I hope it gets here soon, I'm ready for my new hobby to begin.

Have you ever tried the knitwit?

Until tomorrow,

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