What I'd like to do this week - in no particular order

  • Get the girls to nap at the same time (I lied there is an order and this is 1st)
  • Get back to my exercise routine
  • Get a manicure and pedicure in any color other than my usual pale pink, maybe I'll try OPI Pamplona Purple
  • Sign up Olivia for Spanish playgroup
  • Decide on haircut and color before Thursday
  • Finish Easter baskets
  • Finalize Sophia's baptism plans and create invitation
  • Buy something to wear to Mr TH birthday dinner, maybe something like this:

What's on your list?

Until tomorrow,


  1. a spanish playgroup sounds like an awesome idea! i wish there was one around here... maybe i should start one. :)


    volunteer at the littles' school and then Mackenna's tutor comes after school. Tuesday- bring the girls to little house program at the library. Wednesday- the littles' both have surgery scheduled. Rest of week- take care of them and still take care of the older two. ;) I should try and fit something "fun" in tuesday morning! Maybe a mani...