is happy with no pets

Meet George the 4 year old, 245 lb 7 ft tall Great Dane. He eats 110 lbs of food a month and sleeps in his own queen size bed. He's beautiful but I am so not ready for a dog....

Have your pets taken over your house?

Until tomorrow,


  1. My first time with Post It Tuesdays...I'm now following you! Your blog is beautiful!

  2. are we sure that is not a horse?!? Good grief!!

    I will just keep my terrier! Small and eats way less! lol

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Oh, wow!! What a dog!! We had thought about getting a St. Bernard, but we had a French Bulldog as our first pet together and we LOVED him, but they are soooo much work too. I think we're going to hold off on pet life until Jack is old enough to ask for one! Enjoyed visiting your blog!