can't watch Wendy Williams!

Let me just take this moment to say I'm a huge Wendy Williams fan. I used to listen to her radio program religiously, if I were out doing errands I'd only get out of the car during commercials. The radio show was juicy, a little bit of music and a lot of talk......The TV show is a fun visual, it's slightly watered down compared to the radio version but I guess that comes with the territory of having to get sponsors for commercial time etc.....

I DVR the show every day and watch the show from the previous night in the morning while I'm feeding Sophia. Sometimes I just watch the Hot Topics segment if I'm not interested in the guest. But today I wont be watching anything due to a fluke on my DVR, Wendy did not record.........Thanks a lot technology!

Wendy, you are a friend in my head! HOW YOU DOIN'?

Do you watch Wendy Williams?

Until tomorrow,

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  1. i've never watched wendy williams. seems i may be missing out...