has a confession!

While shopping for my husband's birthday on nordstrom.com last week, I also made a purchase for myself. I guess I subscribe to the old school childhood mathematics of 1 for you and 1 for me.

I bought Boutique Nordstrom 'Tia' Wedge Sandals. I loved the fact that they were 50 % off! I think they are so cute and versatile, I can already picture throwing them on at night with jeans and a tank top to go out to dinner and during the day with an easy, breezy sundress. I love their height and the fact that they are a wedge means I don't have to worry about being out and about with my kids (read:chasing after my 2 year old in restaurants).

I just want to find a nice purse to complete the look for all those summer birthday parties and bbq's.

Maybe one of these:

Until tomorrow,


  1. I have an Allie Hobo Coach purse that I L-O-V-E so my vote is for that one:)

  2. ooh, I love your new shoes. I'm like that when I buy presents online too. 1 for me, 1 for you. haha!