is impressed with Nordstrom!

I can't believe how fast Nordstrom processed and shipped my recent order and I selected the standard (read: longest) shipping time frame....

It all started Thursday evening when I tried to take my two girls to the mall to do a little birthday shopping for my husband (aka Mr TH) while he was at a business meeting after work. I got almost no shopping accomplished but we did create some chaos. Olivia figured out how to climb out of the stroller straps causing it to flip with Sophia still in it. I sat on the smallest armchair ever created at Pottery Barn kids to feed Sophia. We left a trail of chocolate cake crumbs from Williams Sonoma (used as a bribe to not climb out of stroller again). I'm blocking out the rest......

I decided I better just do my shopping online. I usually start planning for birthdays and holidays about a month ahead of time so I never feel rushed (read: never have to pay $20 for overnight shipping). I placed an order on Thursday night close to midnight and I received an email on Friday afternoon saying not only has it been processed but has shipped with tracking results. What GREAT service!

I have to say Nordstrom is my favorite of all the department stores.........

Do you love Nordstrom?

Until tomorrow,

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