got a mani and pedi

Before having my girls that might not have been such a newsworthy event. I went fairly regularly, once every week or week and a half. After Olivia, I was still able to go every two weeks with the help of my mom but now with Sophia I manage to go about once a month. I relish that time alone to sit and veg out with my iPhone or a juicy magazine.

In the past I've been pretty boring with my color selection, always choosing barely noticeable sheer shades such as Essie Mademoiselle, Ballet Slippers or Waltz. I liked my nails to look natural and also felt like the chips showed less (a huge pet peeve of mine).

Lately,I've been stepping out of my comfort zone and in the past couple of months I've gotten shades like lavender, mauve and today's shade of Mocha. It's by OPI, Barefoot in Barcelona and I'll admit I choose it based on the name alone. I used to live in Spain and Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world......Check it out:

Since I was on an aesthetic self improvement kick, I did this mask from Aveda. I really needed it, my skin gets so wonky every Spring.

What's on your beauty regimen?

Until tomorrow,

PS - Oprah was on in the nail salon interviewing that twit Rielle Hunter who was making excuses for just about everything, Oprah - "Do you think you hurt his wife?" Rielle -"I don't know, you'd have to ask her." Um gee, she's suffering with cancer and you slept with her husbandant and proceeded to get pregnant - WTF do you think?!?! She almost ruined my afternoon, but I didn't let her.....


wants to see The Back Up Plan

Jennifer Lopez is one of my favorite entertainers. I want to see her succeed, probably in part because the media seems so intent on having a field day with her.
  • I like her music (even the album's that critics didn't). It's exactly what I need sometimes - fun music you can sing along to while you dance behind the steering wheel. It's feel good music and her videos never disappoint.
  • She's a hardworking businesswoman. She strives to be the best but even when her ventures don't succeed as well as others, like her Spanish album and her clothing line, at least she knows she tried.
  • Style wise you have to admit she's an icon. Few other celebrities have that wow factor. She always turns it out and inspires to me to inject some glamour into my life.
  • I like how she's evolved as a woman since having her twins. I respect the fact that she tries to keep her marriage private while still showing the importance she gives it.
  • I like her perfumes. I have all of them. Some of them aren't as original as others but I'm loyal to the collection I started and need to add this one.
  • I haven't always liked all her movies but then again romantic comedies aren't always my favorite. Some of her recent ones like El Cantante and Bordertown were a step away from what you'd expect.

This movie looks cute and I would definitely check it out:

Some of my all time favorite "J-Lo" looks:

I guess I'm a fan.....

Until tomorrow,


had another post planned

I had some fun and frivolous ideas for upcoming posts, I've been receiving tons of packages in the mail and wanted to share some of my great finds with you. I like blogging for the creative escape it allows me and also because it gives me an outlet to celebrate the little things, like a new lip gloss, a fun movie or an activity with my children that make life rich.

I sat down with the intention to share a quick blurb about my day while my girls napped and I became sidetracked as I often do with reading my Google Reader first. I love the various blogs I follow, they are all so different, unique and inspiring. I was impatient to see how varied our interests on a normal Tuesday could be. I stopped dead in my tracks when I read this guest post on Design Mom from Reagan's Blob. I was in tears - a first for me in my 3 months in Blog World.

Reagan shared her story of her daughter's Piper Jane's birth and subsequent diagnosis of Cerebro Costo Mandibular Syndrome. Her daughter is now 3 years old, a feat within itself and has still never left the hospital as she is connected to a ventilator.

I was moved to see a mother's love and strength during I time when I imagine I would feel so helpless I would want to curl up and hide. Also, I felt guilty for the small and "big" things I complain about and for the days when I feel so bothered by minutia. I feel so eternally grateful for my life - which is my family and so embarrassed that I don't express that every minute of every day in my actions.

Perhaps, I should have saved this for a Mother's Day post since I feel re-energized to live each minute of motherhood to the fullest but on the other hand also feel comfort in knowing that just as I teach my daughters to be better citizens of the world they will be teaching me to be the person I want to be as well.

Until tomorrow,


celebrated her Mom's birthday

I love my mother as the trees love water and sunshine - she helps me grow, prosper, and reach great heights.

~Terri Guilleme

Until tomorrow,


Used her Forever 21 gift card

I loooove getting Forever 21 gift cards for my birthday.
You just feel like you are getting so many presents when you redeem it.....

I choose some fun spring and summer pieces that I'll mix and match...

Forever 21, Forever 21, Forever 21, Forever 21, Forever 21, Forever 21

What gift cards do you like to receive?

Until tomorrow,


Looking back and Looking ahead

Last week I:

This week I:
  • Need to list more denim on my Big Cartel site
  • Will decide how to redecorate my master bedroom - I'm leaning towards lavender like this bedding
  • Want to go to Baby Loves Disco

What's on your to do list?

Until tomorrow,


got clogs

A friend gave me a DSW gift card for my birthday. I hadn't shopped there in years but I'm always game for new shoes.

I chose this N.Y.L.A Lukas Clog:

I love the ivory and dark wood combo and a wedge heel means I'll be more likely to actually wear them.....

I've really been into clogs lately and would also love a pair of Sweedish Hasbeens like these:

or these:

Until tomorrow,


Olivia - 2 years 4 months

You love to have breakfast with your sister

You help me by getting your own snack

You are so curious.
"Do horses like cars?" "What does Diego eat?"
"What color is that house?" "Where do birds live?".....

I love you!!!


celebrated Earth Day

I took my girls to Anthropologie today for a children's Earth Day activity. My friend and her daughter met up with as well and the girls got to plant their own flower in a customized flower pot at Anthropologie. Olivia really enjoyed filling the pot with dirt and making a hole for the flower. Afterwards, they snacked on organic apple juice and cookies. Later we all walked into town and made a few stops for lunch, Starbucks, frozen yogurt and ultimately wound up at the playground. An all around great day.....

Olivia potting flowers

Sophia watching as Olivia helps pot her flower

Olivia and Sophia

The finished product

Olivia enjoying an "organic oreo"

Olivia at playground

Olivia, Sophia and Jewell

I try to be conscious of my actions and impact on the environment daily. I bring shopping bags to stores, bring my own cup to Starbucks, I reuse gift bags, ask for paper bags when food shopping. I am very big on recycling used clothes and housegoods and make frequent donations to various charities. I believe every little bit does help but also that there is always room for improvement. Iit's good advice to think that every day is earth day....

What did you do for Earth Day?

Until tomorrow,


brought out my spring perfume

Do you do that?
I like to change my perfume each season, I just find certain scents vibe better with certain times of the year. Come spring, I like to put away my heavier, muskier scents in favor of something lighter....

The scents I retired:

My Glow - Jennifer Lopez
Sensuous - Estee Lauder
Jovan White Musk
Live Platinum - Jennifer Lopez
YSL Parisienne

The scents I resurrected:

Covet - SJP
Burberry The Beat
Still - Jennifer Lopez

Do you change your perfumes each season?


has another reason to love HomeGoods

I am a magazinista. I love glossies and subscribe to more than a dozen ranging from Fashion (Elle, Bazaar, InStyle, etc) to Gossip (Us Weekly, People, etc) to Interior Design (Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home, etc) to lifestyle (Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, O, etc). I save certain issues and always rip out tear sheets of inspiration from others. I recycle some at my local YMCA and give others to an art teacher friend to use for collages.

In a nutshell, my magazines keep my busy. I can barely keep up with them each month and occasionally have to let some subscriptions go (like a literary exfoliation). I had finally gotten my monthly reading list down to a somewhat manageable amount when I spotted these back issues at HomeGoods for $0.50.

They just happened to be magazines I no longer subscribe to, so I did what any good fiend would do - bought them all......

Until tomorrow,


can't wait for this movie!

I loved the book, devoured it in 2 days and have recommended it to so many people. I love that it's a true story, what a brave woman to truly want to disconnect and discover herself. I'd like to read Elizabeth Gilbert's new book "Committed" also....

What movie can't you wait for?

Until tomorrow,

is looking back and looking ahead

My week in review:

My upcoming week:

Until tomorrow,


Sophia - 9 months old

You are 9 months old today. I might have to admit that you aren't a newborn anymore....

I caught you on the first step today, you did that all by yourself!

Your sister's always trying to find a new spot to play with you!

When you're tired you'll sleep anywhere!

I love you!


didn't get a thing from The Outnet $1 sale...

Did you?

I kinda didn't even believe the sale existed like maybe it was just an urban myth or that there would be so many restrictions it wouldn't even be worth the energy. But no, it was all true beautiful designer clothes for $1....

Sophia wakes me up every morning around 7:00 am, while I feed her I catch up on my some DVR that Mr. wont watch (Project Runway, Wendy, ANTM, etc) and check up on my emails and Google Reader. It's a nice quiet way to settle into my day. This morning was no exception, I was out of bed and on my email by 7:10 am when I saw an email from The Outnet which arrived at 6:46 am saying the sale had begun. I immediately logged in and thought how lucky I found out so early, this will be fun choosing my $1 item (each person was allowed one $1 purchase).

WRONG!!! Everything was sold out and there were lots of great choices........

I sooo would have got this for $1:
Emilio Pucci tunic

or this:
Burberry Prorsum dress

or these:

Brian Atwood Ontorio tie-dye boots

You get the idea.....
Better luck next time I guess.....


Thred'd Up!

Have you heard of ThredUp yet? It's a new online service where you can swap gently used clothes with other parents nationwide. It's a brilliantly simple concept, which relies on both the barter and honor system. Check out a short video here.

I just love that it's so earth friendly, it's essentially recycling! I couldn't have found out about this site at a more welcome time as 3 of my local children's consignment stores are for sale and might be closing.

All you do is box up approximately 10 articles of your children's clothes and submit a listing with item descriptions (no photos required). ThredUp will contact you when someone has selected your box and you pay to mail it to them. You can then pick a box of clothes to be mailed to you at no charge.

I listed 3 boxes of my youngest daughter's clothes and one was already selected. I will box it up and ship it out tomorrow. I've also selected a box for my oldest daughter and hope to receive it soon. I'm hoping for the best but worst case scenario I'll use them as play clothes. My kids go through 2-3 outfit changes a day so any excuse to prolong a trip to the laundry room is fine by me.

For all the non-mommies out there - there's an adult version too for men's and women's shirts. Check it out here, I plan on trying this out too.

What do you do with your gently used clothes?

Until tomorrow,


entered a great giveaway!

I entered to win this fun pillow:

You can too......just go to Alice Lane.

Good Luck!!