is almost ready for easter!

My girls are still young, so I'm still easing into my holiday traditions. Each year I get a few more ideas and after each holiday I check out the clearance sections of stores like Target,Pottery Barn and Michael's for decorations to save for the following year. This year is the first year we painted eggs, I kept it very simple.

I bought this kit but the stamping portion of it didn't work too well:

I improvised and we decorated the eggs with crayons first and then painted on top with the paint from the kit. The paint slightly bubbles when it dries over the wax of the crayon giving it a really interesting effect. Honestly, the finished eggs looked a like it was a result of a more complicated process. I would definitely decorate the eggs like this again but I wouldn't even bother to buy the Easter egg kit. You could do this with crayons and watercolors you have on hand normally.

What do you think?
Tomorrow we are also going to try our first mini Easter egg hunt in our backyard with these Dora and Kai-Lan eggs (Olivia's favorite shows):

I can't wait to see her face tomorrow and hopefully little Sophia can crawl and help find the eggs too!

What do you do for Easter?

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