Peacock giveaway

In keeping with the new Peacock theme, today is the first day of a new giveaway here on Today Hilary.

Enter now to win all of the following:

Forever 21 Peacock Head Wrap

Forever 21 Peacock Key Fob

Forever 21 Peacock Earrings

To qualify to enter you must be a follower of Today Hilary and leave a comment with an idea for a future subject you'd like to see covered on Today Hilary (1 entry).

To qualify for additional entries please post a blog about this giveaway with a link to Today Hilary and/or post the Today Hilary button on your site (1-2 additional entries). Leave me another comment so you'll receive your extra entries. Each entry needs it's own comment.

This giveaway ends next Friday April 9th at midnight EST.
Winner will be chosen using random.org

Good luck to all!

Until tomorrow,


  1. love peacock accessories. so perfect for summer!

  2. This is exciting. I really really like peacocks and can actually do a pretty interesting peacock noise haha. I saw your giveaway on Concrete and Nail Polish.

    I'm a follower and I think it would be fun if you posted things like crafting (things you did with the kids, for the kids, for yourself, even ideas for things if you can't do them) or parenting epiphanies.

  3. I follow and I love the way you title your posts, starting with the blog title . In keeping with that theme, how about:

    ...baked a cake.

    ...found a bargain.

    ...fell in love with...(follow up with new finds) this could be a regular feature)

    ...started growing...

    cooked ...

    finished reading... (book review)

    watched... (movie review)

    made... (if you make anything, lol.)

    ate... (a picture of something delish or a recipe)

    saw something funny. (a photo post)

    is listening to... (for Music Monday meme - see my post from last Monday)

    is wishing... (short, funny post)


    is planning... (party idea)

    oh, the possiblities are endless- you have a very fun set up!!

  4. I'm going to tweet a link - @unpinkmom

    do you twitter? you should!

  5. Very nice items, I'd give them as a gift.

  6. i share your obsession with peacocks

  7. Oooo how cute! I just became a follower :)

  8. SO cute! I love the peacok background!

    I would say i would love to see more things you are doing, buying, making ect. Gina had some great ideas!

  9. Peacocks are my favorite! Love love love all those accessories. Would it be overkill to wear them all simultaneously? I love all your ideas. I am always interested in party ideas and creative craft and activity ideas to do with kids.

  10. I've subscribed to you through google reader. I love diy craft ideas and tutorial so any of those would be very useful to me. Love your site!

  11. I've also posted about your giveaway on my blog. Check it out here: http://rudie2shoes-inc.blogspot.com/2010/04/today-hilary.html

  12. I've also posted your button on my site too. :) Here it is: http://rudie2shoes-inc.blogspot.com/2010/04/check-out-today-hilary.html