got a mani and pedi

Before having my girls that might not have been such a newsworthy event. I went fairly regularly, once every week or week and a half. After Olivia, I was still able to go every two weeks with the help of my mom but now with Sophia I manage to go about once a month. I relish that time alone to sit and veg out with my iPhone or a juicy magazine.

In the past I've been pretty boring with my color selection, always choosing barely noticeable sheer shades such as Essie Mademoiselle, Ballet Slippers or Waltz. I liked my nails to look natural and also felt like the chips showed less (a huge pet peeve of mine).

Lately,I've been stepping out of my comfort zone and in the past couple of months I've gotten shades like lavender, mauve and today's shade of Mocha. It's by OPI, Barefoot in Barcelona and I'll admit I choose it based on the name alone. I used to live in Spain and Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world......Check it out:

Since I was on an aesthetic self improvement kick, I did this mask from Aveda. I really needed it, my skin gets so wonky every Spring.

What's on your beauty regimen?

Until tomorrow,

PS - Oprah was on in the nail salon interviewing that twit Rielle Hunter who was making excuses for just about everything, Oprah - "Do you think you hurt his wife?" Rielle -"I don't know, you'd have to ask her." Um gee, she's suffering with cancer and you slept with her husbandant and proceeded to get pregnant - WTF do you think?!?! She almost ruined my afternoon, but I didn't let her.....

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  1. I usually go with light pinks too, but lately I've been trying to change it up a bit. Haha I saw that episode of Oprah earlier, I cannot believe that woman. Seriously if you honestly don't think you did anything wrong than just take responsibility for it and stop making excuses. And didn't you love how she kept contradicting herself.