Thred'd Up!

Have you heard of ThredUp yet? It's a new online service where you can swap gently used clothes with other parents nationwide. It's a brilliantly simple concept, which relies on both the barter and honor system. Check out a short video here.

I just love that it's so earth friendly, it's essentially recycling! I couldn't have found out about this site at a more welcome time as 3 of my local children's consignment stores are for sale and might be closing.

All you do is box up approximately 10 articles of your children's clothes and submit a listing with item descriptions (no photos required). ThredUp will contact you when someone has selected your box and you pay to mail it to them. You can then pick a box of clothes to be mailed to you at no charge.

I listed 3 boxes of my youngest daughter's clothes and one was already selected. I will box it up and ship it out tomorrow. I've also selected a box for my oldest daughter and hope to receive it soon. I'm hoping for the best but worst case scenario I'll use them as play clothes. My kids go through 2-3 outfit changes a day so any excuse to prolong a trip to the laundry room is fine by me.

For all the non-mommies out there - there's an adult version too for men's and women's shirts. Check it out here, I plan on trying this out too.

What do you do with your gently used clothes?

Until tomorrow,

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