had another post planned

I had some fun and frivolous ideas for upcoming posts, I've been receiving tons of packages in the mail and wanted to share some of my great finds with you. I like blogging for the creative escape it allows me and also because it gives me an outlet to celebrate the little things, like a new lip gloss, a fun movie or an activity with my children that make life rich.

I sat down with the intention to share a quick blurb about my day while my girls napped and I became sidetracked as I often do with reading my Google Reader first. I love the various blogs I follow, they are all so different, unique and inspiring. I was impatient to see how varied our interests on a normal Tuesday could be. I stopped dead in my tracks when I read this guest post on Design Mom from Reagan's Blob. I was in tears - a first for me in my 3 months in Blog World.

Reagan shared her story of her daughter's Piper Jane's birth and subsequent diagnosis of Cerebro Costo Mandibular Syndrome. Her daughter is now 3 years old, a feat within itself and has still never left the hospital as she is connected to a ventilator.

I was moved to see a mother's love and strength during I time when I imagine I would feel so helpless I would want to curl up and hide. Also, I felt guilty for the small and "big" things I complain about and for the days when I feel so bothered by minutia. I feel so eternally grateful for my life - which is my family and so embarrassed that I don't express that every minute of every day in my actions.

Perhaps, I should have saved this for a Mother's Day post since I feel re-energized to live each minute of motherhood to the fullest but on the other hand also feel comfort in knowing that just as I teach my daughters to be better citizens of the world they will be teaching me to be the person I want to be as well.

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  1. This is so beautiful, I'm so flattered. I beam with pride that my piper has inspired people to be more grateful! What a wonderful thing! Thanks for letting me know about this!