wants to see The Back Up Plan

Jennifer Lopez is one of my favorite entertainers. I want to see her succeed, probably in part because the media seems so intent on having a field day with her.
  • I like her music (even the album's that critics didn't). It's exactly what I need sometimes - fun music you can sing along to while you dance behind the steering wheel. It's feel good music and her videos never disappoint.
  • She's a hardworking businesswoman. She strives to be the best but even when her ventures don't succeed as well as others, like her Spanish album and her clothing line, at least she knows she tried.
  • Style wise you have to admit she's an icon. Few other celebrities have that wow factor. She always turns it out and inspires to me to inject some glamour into my life.
  • I like how she's evolved as a woman since having her twins. I respect the fact that she tries to keep her marriage private while still showing the importance she gives it.
  • I like her perfumes. I have all of them. Some of them aren't as original as others but I'm loyal to the collection I started and need to add this one.
  • I haven't always liked all her movies but then again romantic comedies aren't always my favorite. Some of her recent ones like El Cantante and Bordertown were a step away from what you'd expect.

This movie looks cute and I would definitely check it out:

Some of my all time favorite "J-Lo" looks:

I guess I'm a fan.....

Until tomorrow,

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