can't decide how to cut her hair - Pt 1

I'm scheduled for a haircut 12 days from now. In my mind, I have 2 options get a trim (the safe route) or go for a completely new look.......

I've been obsessively growing my hair "long" for about 5 years now. Problem is it doesn't grow past my shoulder blades so it's never really long the the way I'd like........

I'm seriously considering the Halle Berry cut except we have different hair textures so I'm sure it would look soooo different on me.

I like this long hairstyle I have but the major drawback is it's not wash and go hair that I need with 2 young babies. I go to the salon every week to get a blow out and then methodically make it last a week with shower caps and ponytails. This system works fine except for the swimming pool season of the summer and the blizzard season of the winter. Without the blowouts my hair is unmanageably frizzy, kinky and Bon Jovi circa 1989 - looking.

What should I do?

Until tomorrow,

PS - Pt 2 will include potential haircut images tomorrow

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