Preparing for "snowageddon"!

If you live in the area and are listening to the hype, we are expecting 15 inches of snow with 45 mph wind gusts, snow drifts, power outages and blizzard like driving conditions!

I was out of the house almost all day today to avoid cabin fever tomorrow. I got all my Valentine's Day errands done. Thank you Bergen Town Center - Century 21, Disney outlet and Target, mission accomplished! Tomorrow I plan on organizing my pantry, kitchen junk drawer and all those toiletries stashed under the bathroom sink (my kind of snow day). Also, if it's not too crazy I'll take my 2 year old to play in the snow, I have her snowsuit ready....

My Snow day provisions:

What are your plans for tomorrow?

Until tomorrow,

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  1. omg good luck with the snow! Great read ing material though =)