went to preschool

Olivia turned three right before Christmas, December 23 to be exact and I rather spontaneously decided that I'd like her to start pre-school in January. I'm not sure how the pre-school situation is in other parts of the country but here in Northern Jersey it's a bit ridiculous. Preschools have waiting lists, lottery systems and a few even require large non-refundable deposits. I was starting to get anxiety already. Luckily, I loved the first little pre-school we visited and so did she. In particular I liked that the school is a co-op so there's always one parent helper in the class, I'm looking forward to that.

So today was her first day of school! I can't believe my little girl is in school. Now I really understand why growing up my dad would always look at me and say "You're getting big fast". Oh my God!!! It's so true...

On another note, I really enjoyed the little two and half hours I spent with just Sophia.

I didn't get any photos in the school because she literally ran off to make friends but I took this one on my iPhone right before we left.

Daydress/Play dress from Hanna Andersson (thrifted)
Strawberry Shortcake hair bow from Calcotecrys on Etsy
"Henry" the doll, from Target (birthday present last year) wearing pjs from Build a Bear

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