Here's to a great 2011

I've been slacking on my blogging this past month. December was probably the lowest point of the year for me and I'm glad to put it behind me.

Lowlights from my December 2010:
  • getting a hideous haircut that will take forever to grow out
  • our house getting robbed midday including all the presents from under our Xmas tree

I'm looking forward to making 2011 a memorable year and have a couple of resolutions to help me get there. I'm hoping by writing these down it'll make them stick...

New Year's resolutions:
  • Eat healthier including much less soda, much more water and less junk food
  • Rejoin the YMCA (maybe it should be rejoin and actually use YMCA membership 3/4 times a week)
  • Get a handle on $ - waste less, save more

What about you? Are you making any changes for 2011?

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