Two's Day: Body Lotions

I'm currently rotating 2 body lotions, one with SPF that I use in the morning on exposed skin and one super moisturizing one for at night immediately after shower on damp skin.

This has a very creamy texture and leaves a white residue if not fully rubbed in. However, for a lotion with SPF at an inexpensive price point it's been working really well for me this summer. or I buy it at CVS, I really love CVS for deals on cosmetics and toiletries. I often combine coupons and extra bucks and wind up with completely free items.

Again this is great because it really works and you can buy it anywhere. There is also a deep moisture version but I don't care for the scent of that one. The ultra moisture scent is very clean and fresh, like soap almost.

And of course there will always will be a place in my heart for the pricey Kiehl's Creme de Corps.

What are your faves?

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