had no luck online shopping

This is a first for me. I have at least 10 gift cards burning a hole in my wallet from some of my favorite stores but couldn't find a thing to put in my virtual shopping bag. We're talking Forever 21, Bloomingdale's, CB2.......I must be losing my touch.

SBut seriously, living on the east coast I guess I subconsciously can't justify buying more summer stuff when I know we have about 6 weeks at most left of this beautiful hot weather and am not feeling "fallish" yet.

I put this gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff purse in my shopping basket over at Piperlime just to feel better. I may revisit this one mid August, it seems so versatile and I love the chrome hardware.

I've never had a python print bag. What do you think, would it work for daily use?

I've been all over the place (figuratively speaking) this summer but am happy to be back to blogging.

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