Two's-Day: Top 2 Comedies

I'm going to start something new on Tuesdays where I share my top 2 in any given category.

Top 2 Comedies:

My Cousin Vinny - This movie is from 1992 but it never fails to crack me up. Joe Pesci is hysterical especially with his interactions with his fiancee ( a very funny Marisa Tomei) and all his wardrobe malfunctions like having to wear a movie usher suit to court. Even if you saw it a long time ago it's worth re watching - So funny!

The Hangover
- I think this might be the funniest movie of all time. The kind of movie that you notice something new each time...

Honorable Mentions:
Borat - Husby and I quote this all the time. I love the concept of a spoof on a travel documentary.

The Out of Towners
- I love those kind of movies where Murphy's Law takes over and they find themselves in the strangest predicaments. I've seen both but the 1970 one is much funnier.

What are your top 2 comedies?

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  1. i love my cousin vinny! marisa tomei was great in it. 2 fave comedies?...when harry met sally and fast times at ridgemont high (or ferris bueller's day off).

  2. I love the Hangover best movie ever and Borat totally rocked!!


  3. Hangover and Old School of course! I've never laughed so hard!