went to the NJ Seafood festival

My family and I took a ride down to Belmar, NJ today for The 24th Annual NJ Seafood festival (our first time going - hope it becomes a family tradition). Belmar is about 1 1/2 away from where we live - yes it's the Jersey Shore but no it's not like that Jersey Shore....

We made this trip rather quick and simple mainly because of the girls - 2 babies under 2 1/2 can be a handful.

We drove down along the scenic route, walked along the shore, stopped to pick up some delicious seafood to eat picnic style (whole lobster, corn on the cob, jumbo catfish sandwich, french fries, fresh lemonade). There were free arts and crafts for the kids, Olivia made a sun visor and played in a bounce castle. Later the girls played in a playground right on the beach and in the sand, a round of Italian ice for everyone and we hit the road back home. I'm a lucky lady as I write this my husband is finishing cooking a lasagna - can't wait to dig into that either

Sophia at the festival

PS - When did this blog become an episode on Food Network....I promise to stop eating so much tomorrow

What did you eat today?

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  1. Sounds yummy :)

    I ate some sushi it was sooooooooooo good. I really just got into sushi so you know its fun. lol