is starting to think about christmas cards

I haven't had too much luck with my cards the past few years. The one year I designed my own from Shutterfly arrived incredibly blurry. After that I would just choose one of the limited choices from The Picture People as they rushed us in and out due to the holiday frenzy.

This year I'm determined to get it right. I'm going to try and stage a little photo shoot for the girls, which is no easy feat - getting a picture where they are both recognizable hasn't been my strong suit (yet...). After getting said photo, I'll choose one of the beautiful cards on either Minted or Tiny Prints, check out some of my faves below.

Wish us luck!

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  1. I'm having the hardest time deciding on my cards, Minted or Tiny Prints? They both have so many great options! Good Luck with the shoot!