brought out the fit flops!

Do you wear these?

I try to a couple times a week and boy can I really tell a difference the next day. Muscles you didn't knew you even had in your legs are sore (in a good way!) They aren't the most fashionable pair of shoes but for a day of running errands they are perfect!

According to their website, "walking in these sandals increases leg, calf and gluteal muscle activity, improves your posture, simulates aspects of barefoot walking but with more muscle load, and improves muscle tone. FitFlop sandals wearers have also reported relief from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, chronic back pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, RLS
(restless leg syndrome), scoliosis and degenerative disc diseases."

In keeping with all the designer collaborations that are so popular these days, check out this FitFlop that Anna Sui designed. I'd rock them to Starbucks.....

Until tomorrow,


  1. I really love the anna sui fitflops. I just wish I could find a pair in my size. Only one store sells fitflops in a size 9, but they don't stock these ones!

  2. I love flip-flops I wish I could wear them everyday :)


  3. The black fitflop is so simple but it is looking beautiful and very sweet. The other white fitflop is looking awesome and the flowers stitched on it are looking nice and the fitflop is looking more beautiful because of that flowers.