is looking forward to Philly

This is the 3rd year we are driving down to Philly for Mother's Day, the past two years it was just my husband, Olivia and I. This will be the first year that little Fifi (Sophia) will join us as well.

We usually drive down for brunch and spend a few hours walking around and later we pick up some cheese steaks for the ride home. I love Philadelphia and it has great memories for my husband and I. We went there for our first New Years before we were even married and have been back at least a couple times a year. What a coincidence that Design Sponge recently featured a city guide to Philadelphia. They listed lots of fun places that were new to me.

Some of my old favorites:
Cuba Libre - Cuban food, fun brunch
Amada - tapas
Geno's - in my opinion THE cheese steak spot
FARMiCia - great brunch and "tonics"
The Franklin Fountain - old school ice cream parlor
Sugar Cube - clothes shopping

What are you doing tomorrow?

Until tomorrow,

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