had a beautiful Mother's Day!

All in all I had the perfect Mother's Day...

It started on Saturday evening when I opened up some of my Mother's Day gifts. I got silver earrings with red stones (kind of a southwestern feel to them), a picture frame, a sushi kit from Crate and Barrel and a photo album from Pottery Barn. Danny got me a pair of Banana Republic sunglasses which unfortunately are a little tight and a gorgeous Gucci purse which I've already moved into.

On Sunday morning, I got the girls dressed to go out for Mother's Day (Olivia kept saying it was her birthday).

We got into the car, made a pit stop at Starbucks and then spontaneously changed our plans because of the freakishly cold weather. Instead of driving 2 hours away to Philly, we spent a relaxing day close to home. The four of us (Husby, Olivia, Sophia and I) tried an Indian restaurant I've driven by before in the past that always looked interesting, Dabbawalla in Summit, New Jersey. I learned some pretty interesting cultural facts about the Indian lunch system, read all about it here. We had the Mother's Day buffet, it was delicious. I love Indian food especially anything with Paneer (a kind of cottage cheese cube substituted for meat in various dishes). Some of you may be wondering what do the girls eat when we go to "exotic" restaurants and to be honest they eat what we eat. Olivia had an Indian kids meal with chickpea fritters and also shared a little of our naan (similar to pita bread), puri (puffed pita bread), rice and various fruits and vegetables. Sophia had little nibbles of everything - we are still waiting for those teeth....

Later in the day, we went to a park and Danny and Olivia flew a kite, it was so cute. I stayed with Sophia who was taking a little nap and caught up on the latest Marie Claire magazine with Sarah Jessica Parker (don't you just love her?!?!).

Afterwards we went to Red Mango for frozen yogurt ( a recent obsession of mine). Later on we came home and I snuck in a little nap, that almost never happens.

In the evening, we put the girls to bed and had the perfect ending to a memorable day. Danny cooked Carne Frita which was yummy and we ate it while we watched the movie Leap Year while drinking a glass of Moscato. I thought the movie was fun, I really don't get critics sometimes.....

How did your day turn out?

Until tomorrow,

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  1. Dying over the dresses. So cute. Sounds like a fun day!!