is loving garage sale season!

Truth be told I haven't been to a garage sale in a while. I grew up on them, my parents were always big on "green" living and thrift so it was a given we'd spend a free Saturday morning driving around checking out other people's discards. However, my husband doesn't like the unpredictability of them - which I get; a lot of times you spend the time but can't find a thing worth buying. Instead we usually spend our free weekends having brunch, going to the playground, relaxing around the house, etc

This morning Sophia woke me up at 6:45 am as usual, so I took the opportunity to be an early bird at a 40 family yard sale. Sophia and I were among the first people there and got first dibs on some fun items.

Some of my finds:
  • Foo Fighters Greatest Hits cd- $1 and Kings of Leon cd - $1 (I bought both cds for Danny - he wasn't too impressed - what a tough cookie)
  • Shopaholic books - $1 each - Have you ever read these? They are laugh out loud funny. Ten times better than the movie (sorry Isla).
  • I also picked up some kids clothes $1 each - some new with tags. In my opinion you can never have too many kid's clothes.

But my hands down favorite find of the day was:

How cute is this paper doll kit,
complete with stage, backdrops and costumes to perform 3 operas?

I think it's official I'm back in the garage sale game........

What did you do this weekend?

Until tomorrow,

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