went to a Tinkerbell Tea Party

Today we went to a cute event at Olivia's dance school, A Tinkerbell Tea Party. They do these parties periodically, we missed the last one which was The Little Mermaid but we made it to the Cinderella one back in this post.

It's always cute to see the girls run around playing dress up, dancing to "Shake Your Sillies Out" and munching on teddy grahams and juice boxes. Ah, to be young again.....

Tinkerbell, Sophia (in red), Olivia (in pink)

Some of the other fairies

Magic circle time

One dad even came dressed as Captain Hook!

I can't wait till Sophia can participate more
but for now she was so content to just chew on this butterfly

I had Olivia wear her Tinkerbell pj's and she was a little under dressed...

Were you in Never Never Land today?

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